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I’m Chiamago! (Amagojessy) The storyteller.

Welcome to my Storytelling world, I’m thrilled to have you here. I was born a storyteller because I have what it takes to hang you up with captivating stories that will inspire you and give you reasons to throw your trepidations away.

Other things I do apart from writing stories and novels includes but not limited to; I teach people the right way to start a blog and make money, I teach people how to make money via Amazon publishing, I teach SEO to new bloggers, I’m a website designer, I fix Google indexing errors, I fix SEO & WordPress related issues, and More!

Always read my blog stories here to heal your emotional life miseries with stories that will melt your heart and spirit as if you have a personal connection to the story.

I’m here to confound your blood pressure abnormalities with stories that will forcefully assign them to a state of normality for the rest of your life, sure.

I’m here to give you unforgettable sweet memories with powerful plotted stories that will be shrouded in the perfect sequential order for your merriment.

And I want to assure you that my ability to hook you up with stories is far greater than the doubt you have and not believing in my proficiency to make it work. I will be entertaining you here with captivating stories of your choice.

You may want to read romantic stories, children’s stories, comedy stories, contemporary romance stories, funny stories, moral stories, Christian stories, fantasy stories, and more!

I can write you a perfect story in every genre except for sex stories. I don’t write sex stories that was why I created the sex category page for stories sharers and contributors.Do you have a sex story to share with readers here? Go ahead and share your story on my Contact Page

Always bear in mind that I will review the story before approving and publishing it here for readers.  In some cases, I will also rewrite and remove dirty sexuality tone before accepting to publish it for my readers. I mostly prefer sex stories with moral life lessons that readers would learn from.Go ahead and share your sex story with readers here for us to learn good moral lessons from your story. Thank you!

Are you planning to hire a freelance story writer to develop a catchy plot for you? Then, don’t hit the back button without connecting my digit. I will write you a fresh breathtaking story, that will capture your reader’s attention, mixing emotions and curiosity to boost the urge for non-stop reading.To gain the best of my service, please subscribe to my blog for free and also follow my social media pages where I will also be dropping my stories for your satisfaction.

Thank you for the time you spent on this page and thank you for dropping your fragrance to permeate in my next story. Longing to see you again and again reading my story as you subscribe to receive free blog updates from me.                                              Meet you in my next storytelling room, but before then, have a blast.

OTher things i do Apart from writing stories

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