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Welcome! You are here to read a funny bedtime story for adults to warm up your bed.

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This is a funny bedtime story for adults to warm up their night before sleeping.

The main character in the funny story was Naomi.

Naomi’s Dad was late, she has a twin brother with her mother by her side.

Both were enjoying and living happily in the family until the funny drama came up and this happened.

Read and laugh while waiting to sleep in your bed.

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Funny Bedtime Story For Adults

The Story

Naomi was in her first adult stage of life which includes ages 16 to 24 years old.

It was Naomi’s first experience of love and she was so confused about some old saying related to love.

She keeps contemplating the words “Love is blind” and “Love conquers all things”

Is love really blind? Does love conquer all things for sure?

What are the things that love conquers?

How could love be managed in the right way to get the best of it during the adult stage?

Naomi just had her first date with her boyfriend and the encounter left her in total bewilderment.

Naomi had a twin brother who was so close to her in everything.

She was a University undergraduate and she had been keeping away from dating with the opposite sex until she decided to experience the other side of life after her Mom taught her the need to do so in the right manner.

Having met this cute guy on campus and his heart matches everything Naomi could desire from her future man.

She decided to give him a space in her world of love.

Life sometimes happens in the other dimension while growing up from childhood to adulthood.

Naomi came back after her first date with Kelly and started behaving in a more strange but funny manner.

So funny indeed.

She came and met her twin brother at home and denied him their usual greeting pattern.

Normally, Naomi used to hug her twin brother as part of their welcoming greetings.

She came back and met her Mom and her twin brother in the sitting room.

She greeted her Mom and started walking straight to her room.

Dennis went to hug her twin sister as usual not having anything negative in mind and got the shocking surprise of his life.

Naomi gave him thunderous repeated slaps, as if that was not enough, she angrily pushed him away and entered her room.

Everyone was confused and Naomi’s Mom decided to settle the dispute between her twins, Naomi and Dennis.

Did you quarrel with her today before she left in the morning? Naomi’s Mom asked her son, Dennis.

No, Mom, I did not. In fact, we hugged in our usual greeting and missing pattern before she left in the morning.

I don’t know what has come over Naomi.

Their Mom requested Naomi’s presence and Dennis went to call Naomi and the worst happened again.

Naomi was seeping her juice when Dennis entered her room to deliver a message.

She was too furious to pour her remaining juice on her twin brother’s face without regret.

Dennis responded to her strange reaction.

He said, thank God, you indirectly offered me your juice to enjoy with you and I think this is the sweetest juice I have taken in my lifetime.

Isn’t it funny enough?

But what has come over you, Naomi? Dennis asked.

Tell me if I have offended you in any way unknown to me so I will apologize to you instead of acting out all this unplanned drama.

Mom requested your presence in the sitting room and that is why I was here to let you know.

A few minutes later, Naomi came to the sitting room and sat two miles away from Dennis.

What happened Naomi? Why all the strange behavior and why did you push your twin brother away when he came to welcome you home with a hug?

Did your brother offend you in any way?

No Mom, Dennis didn’t offend me, in fact, we bid each other sound farewell in the morning before I left.

Why then did you push him away in my presence?

Naomi was silent for some time before she managed to say a word to her Mom.

Mom, I went on a date with my Kelly today, and he taught me many things related to the one you have been teaching me but with slight modifications.

Confused Dennis burst into an uncontrollable laughter and couldn’t hold himself from laughing thereby interrupting Naomi’s explanation.

Their Mom also started laughing with Dennis.

Oh Mom, why are you all laughing at me? Naomi asked her Mom and twin brother.

I can’t believe you slapped me today just because of your first date with your boyfriend and what he taught you. Dennis told Naomi and continued.

I can’t believe you furiously poured your juice on me only to chase me out of your room so as not to hurt your new relationship.

Continue your explanation, my daughter, Naomi’s Mom said.

You better continue Naomi, we are listening to hear you explain and defend your strange and funny actions, Dennis said to her twin sister. 

I pushed Dennis away because I wanted to limit my relationship with him to make it up to Kelly in a faithful manner.

Everyone was listening but laughing aloud while hearing Naomi out.

So funny indeed, Dennis responded to her twin sister in anticipation of more explanation.

Kelly taught me that true love goes with jealousy, and sincerity is part of it.

I wanted to reciprocate and never wanted Kelly to feel disappointed with me because of how much he loved me.

Mom, you too told me about how faithful and sincere you have been to Daddy even after his death.


Naomi’s Mom interrupted her daughter again. 

How do you then think that your relationship with Dennis interferes with your faithfulness to your husband-to-be?

I thought there was a need for me to tell you a deeper story that should focus more on adulthood and love.

Yes, I was the one who taught you about the virtues of a good woman. I told you everything about chastity and faithfulness needed in the life of a Christian woman.

I don’t want you to misunderstand the normal way to love as an adult.

Love is like a tree with many important and delicate branches. The branches include; a brother’s love, a sister’s love, love for one’s parents, love for your children, and love for the opposite sex which sometimes or most times ends up in marriage when handled maturely in the right manner.

Your love for Dennis, your twin and only brother should not in any way be tampered with because of the love you have for Kelly. After all brother and sister love has its limit.

Dennis, you have to forgive your sister for her strange but funny actions. She is currently in her first adult stage and so she acted ignorantly only to make her husband-to-be happy.

Naomi, you have to apologize to your brother for your actions against him.

And by the way, you have to tell us more about Kelly and possibly introduce him to us.

He is supposed to be a good friend to your twin brother.

Tell us more about your date with him, I’m sure you followed my dating guidelines and nothing bad happened.

Naomi kept quiet and looked confused and remorseful to her twin brother.

Talk to me, my daughter.

I’m sorry Mom, I had a stressful time in school, joined together with the one I had in the traffic and I slept off in the public bus.

It was all in a dream and I’m sorry the dream got extended to my life activities.

Dennis burst out again laughing without control and his Mom joined him laughing.

You mean I got the slaps and furious juice pouring all because of a dream and not because of your Kelly? Dennis told Naomi while still laughing his way out.

Well, thank God, the juice was sweet enough to attract forgiveness from me.

Keeping the slaps by the side, this drama is too amusing to be controlled while loudly laughing it out.

We still have to take you to the hospital for our family doctor to check your health and then I will be satisfied that all is well with you.

Naomi’s Mom responded and quickly initiated her plan into action.

Both of them went to the hospital and their doctor confirmed that Naomi had malaria and should be treated.

It was then that he explained to them the connection between malaria and dreams.

The doctor himself started laughing after their narration about Naomi’s strange behavior at home.

Everyone enjoyed the dramatic comedy scene from Naomi.

Doctor Theo gave Naomi some words of encouragement and advice.

The doctor said to Naomi.

Your dreams and actions just explain the best to be expected of you in a relationship.

You will make the best of friends and the best of wives to your future man. Keep it up but learn to differentiate the branches of love and how they should be handled in the right manner without cutting the other branches of love apart in the name of maintaining one branch of it.

It was at this point that Naomi went to hug and apologize to her twin brother.

Everyone laughed and that was the end of the funny bedtime story for adults acted by Naomi.

Lesson Learned;

The lesson learned from the funny bedtime story for adults can be seen below.

Sometimes you as a growing adult have to be in the listening boat. Adulthood simply means a confusing time and that is why you are required to give the best of your attention to your parental advice and suggestions so as not to regret your adulthood in the future.

Coming to you as the parents of an adult, you should please take it easy with them.

You should understand that adulthood simply means to be confused.

Imagine how Naomi’s funny drama would have ended if her Mom and twin brother responded to her in a manner deserved by her actions.

After which they will be left with a funny saying, “It was all a dream” so funny indeed.

Adults in their first adult stage, please listen to your parents and guidance to get the best life has to offer.

Parents, please use wisdom and be patient and kind when dealing with adults in their first stages, it’s very important and shouldn’t be ignored.

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Thank you for your reading time.

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