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Hi, meet Chiamago the storyteller. In this blog post, I will be telling you two funny stories about mothers to warm up your day with laughter.

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Funny Stories About Mothers

The broken glass cup.

The broken glass cup is the best to read among the funny stories about mothers you can read for fun, laughter, and entertainment.

The story featured Janet, her husband Paul, and their 18-year-old daughter, Ella.

One day, Janet returned home from a stressful journey. As she was relaxing in the sitting room, she ordered her daughter Ella to get her a glass of drinking water from the fridge.

Ella did as she was instructed by her mother, she was about to give her mother the glass of water before it mistakenly fell from her hand and broke into pieces.

Janet started shouting at her daughter.

What’s wrong with you Ella? Are you crazy? To get me a glass of water you cannot do it well. Where is your mind? I knew your mind must be somewhere else.

As if that wasn’t enough, she angrily approached her daughter and slapped the hell out of her eyes. She was about to drop the second round of the slap when her husband intervened.

Please, stop the slap and forgive Ella. This is just a mistake and no one is above making a mistake.

Janet angrily replied to her husband. No, I can’t make such a stupid mistake, never in my lifetime.

So instead of you joining me in scolding Ella, you are busy supporting and encouraging her bad attitude in the name of a mistake.

Kindly stay out of this matter if you don’t have something good to contribute to the case.  Janet furiously left to her room leaving Ella and her husband behind.

The next day when Ella was observing her siesta, her Mom and Dad were having a fun discussion in the parlor. It was during their nice time that her husband asked for a glass of water.  

Janet went to get the water and unfortunately for her, the glass of water slipped from her hand and broke into pieces in front of her husband and Ella who just came out from her sleeping bed.

Ella’s mother looked at her husband and also became more confused when she saw her daughter coming out from her sleeping bedroom.

She quickly walked towards her daughter to defend her actions.

She said to her daughter.

Are you not the person who bought the glass cups, Ella?

You always buy inferior things at a higher price quote.

But Mom, I wasn’t the person who bought the glass cup.

Ella responded to her mother. Looking into the atmosphere, you will notice Ella’s Dad was seriously dying of uncontrollable laughter. His laughter escalated his wife’s confused spirit which got her to stare and continue staring at her husband in curiosity.

He said to his wife.

You are the one who bought the glass cup in the market. Remember, I was asking you to buy another glass cup but you told me that this type was the best. You also assured me that another name for the glass cup was fall and pick. 

I can feel the fall and pick glass cup falling and picking in my family.

Yesterday it fell from Ella’s hand and was picked by Ella, today it also fell from your hand and you wanted Ella to also pick it.

I understand the fact that it may fall from my hand tomorrow but I will blame no one, not even you, for persisting to buy the glass cup even against my choice.

It was at this point that Ella joined her Daddy in the laughing atmosphere and Janet was standing like someone who forgot her child in the celebration ground.

She later started laughing when Ella fearlessly approached her, hugged her, and whispered in her ear, we understand the fact that no one is above mistake, Mom. I love you and if accepting that I bought the glass cup will make you happy, no problem ma, I’m the one that bought it. Please join us to laugh these worries away.

Every one of them enjoyed the scene and here comes the end of the funny story about mothers who always try to push their faults onto their children.

Story 2

The funny lying story about mothers.

Kate celebrated her 21st birthday a few weeks ago. Her mother continues to caution her about relating to the opposite sex.

She has from day one hated to see Kate with a male friend.

Kate earlier thought that every monitoring and female child protection stops after 18 years of age then advice comes after the age of 18 but the case was different with Kate’s mother.

One day, Kate’s mother was returning from the market. She caught Kate discussing with a male friend and got so angered.

She can’t even control her emotions which makes her approach Kate and slap her in front of the male friend.

The male friend wanted to get Kate’s approval for coming to her house to seek her parent’s approval for marriage.

On reaching home, Kate’s mother continues to shout and admonish Kate. 

Kate at one point asked her mother how she was going to get married. Her reply was I did the same when I was like you but I’m happily married today with your father.

Kate gets confused and keeps imagining the possibility of such a marriage connection. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and it was Kate’s father who returned from work.

He saw Kate with tears but wanted to break trending news to his wife before reverting to settling Kate’s unhappy mood.

He said to his wife.

Do you know that Peter and his wife got divorced last week? I don’t know, my husband.

He continues to say, that all these marriages crashing quickly can be hundred percent attributed to lack of substantial courtship and should be easily curbed out by initiating longer courtship before getting married.

Didn’t you see how our marriage works with understanding after ten good years of courtship?

Kate yelled, are you sure my father?

Yes my daughter, didn’t your mother tell you about it?

I started dating your mother when she was 17 years old and got married to her when she was 27 years old.

But Dad, I don’t believe your dating story. Kate replied to his Dad before he turned to ask his wife for confirmation of the authenticity of the dating story.

She was silent for some minutes before she managed to confirm the thrown question in agreement but displayed an unhappy mood. Kate was shocked and couldn’t fathom the reason behind her mother’s protection and dating lies.

She was still in a confused mood when her mother approached her and started talking to her as a daughter.  My dear daughter, I lied to you about my relationship with your Dad because I never wanted you to get lost in the hands of evil men. I made it with your father because he is a man of integrity. I’m afraid of the type of man you may be relating with and that remained my reason for lying to you and over-protecting you even at your age.

I loved you so much, my daughter and I wouldn’t want you to go through the pains of heartbreak. She was still talking when her daughter approached her and hugged her giving her assurance not to let her down.

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