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Funny Story of how we met.

The Story…..

It all started the day I went to my village’s traditional naming ceremony.

Being a traditional village ceremony, semolina and draw soup were offered to every attendant of the ceremony.

I don’t really know why I enjoyed eating draw soup but I seriously hate eating it in public.

I have no other option than to enjoy the well-prepared ceremonial meal.

As I was slowly eating and peeping to see who else noticed what was going on. I mean the difficulties I was having while trying to get the draw soup from my plate. 

I discovered that the man sitting opposite me had the same eating problem. 

He smiled as my eyes crashed with his. Being the shy type, I was silent and speechless for some time. I felt more ashamed of myself when I got to know about the soup stain on my white long-sleeved body hug.

I wanted to silently watch his mood again before attempting to continue with my food but saw him coming straight in my direction.

I was surprised about his intentions.

He whispered to my ear….

“Come on princess, I noticed you are seriously enjoying the traditional soup but I also understand your eating challenges”.

I want to stay beside you and my idea is to act as a protective shield while you boldly enjoy your food as if you were alone.

I was still looking at him with all curiosity while he boldly brought his white handkerchief to wipe the stains I had on my white body hug.

He said to me again…..

“I love you and I’m serious about it” Kindly enjoy your food as if you are alone in a room. I will cover and protect you now and always.

At this point, some confidence and trust came from nowhere and overshadowed me. While I boldly enjoy it as if I were eating from my mom’s kitchen even though I’m not.

“That’s good of you,” he said to me when he saw that I was done with the food.

“Thank you,” I said to him in a low tone.

He continued…..

My name is Jack, may I know your name, please?

My name is Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzy.

He quickly took over words from me and continued….

Li…zzy, Li…zzy, Li….

It’s quite a good loving name indeed, I want us to be friends and not just friends, I want you to marry me. I came back from London in search of a wife. This is my second week at home and I had this ring with me from the first day I entered the village.

Please, don’t say no to me because I’m determined to always protect, defend, and take away your shyness in a lovely manner.

Just as I chose you irrespective of your weakness, I will always love, forgive, understand, and cherish you notwithstanding your hidden imperfections as a human being.

What do you have to say concerning my marriage proposal?

This last question got me very emotional and I couldn’t resist the urge to say yes.

I said yes to Jack and we entered into our love boat from semolina and draw soup challenge to inseparable love.

Yeah, I finally got married to Jack, this is our tenth marriage anniversary and I never regretted anything about marrying Jack. 

He had been keeping every bit of his promise. I also won’t forget the difficulties I had with the draw soup which brought endless happiness to me. 

Even though I have learned how to easily eat draw soup in public, I still enjoy eating it locally and even making sure it stains my clothes each time I eat the soup. Being at home or in a public ceremony doesn’t matter to me again. 

Will it still matter to you if you find yourself in my shoes?

Isn’t it funny enough to be recorded as a “funny story of how we met”

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Also, remember that you are free to submit your funny story of how we met about you and your partner.

To do so, visit my contact page to drop your story.

Thank you.

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