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Hi, welcome to my storytelling world. I’m Chiamago the storyteller and I will be telling you husband spanks wife stories today.

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Husband Spanks Wife Stories

The Story

A husband took his new wife to a particular shopping center. He did so because he already knew that his ex would also come to the same shopping center that day.

It happened that his ex was a fashionista and wanted to relate and marry her type. 

That was the only reason why she decided to quit their three-year relationship. 

Talking about the man, he is a fashion lover even though he doesn’t know much about fashion.

“I must marry a fashionista to disgrace my ex”, the man said to himself after he broke up with his ex.

It was on the quest to marry a fashionista that he ended up marrying his new wife who brags a lot about fashion. 

I would like you to put on your best fashionable dress with the best professional look and let me know once you are done dressing.

“The husband told his wife during their preparation”

She secretly went inside her room to call her fashion adviser regarding the best clothes to suit what the husband wanted.

The phone rang thrice but the receiver wasn’t picking up her calls.

She then decided to dress from the little fashion knowledge she had.

“I’m ready sweetheart,” the wife told his husband after dressing up.

She wore a long-sleeved pink body hug and a yellow tight mini-skirt. On her leg was a high-heeled red shoe while on her hand was a white handbag.

Are you sure that this is the best attire for this occasion? The husband asked.

Yes, it is, you don’t have to worry because I have received many awards in fashion before we married each other. The wife replied.

Okay, we can leave now. The man told the wife.

They left and all eyes were placed on the wife when they entered the shopping center.

The man was so happy because he thought that people were admiring his wife’s appearance. He never knew that the reverse won the case.

His wife suspected something silly because she knew that she brags and never knew anything as regards to fashion. She was still having fresh thoughts in her mind when she saw her fashion adviser from afar.

She quickly ran to her without letting her husband know where, why , and what she was going there for.

Her husband also secretly followed her up from the other direction.

My goodness! She never knew that her five-year fashion adviser was her husband’s ex.

The husband on the other hand never knew about his wife having an adviser on the so-called fashion she brags a lot with.

He secretly stayed behind them and got all their discussion. He was disappointed in her wife and his worst disappointment was when she finally agreed to take her to meet her husband without knowing she was her ex.

Her husband spanks her when she wants to introduce her adviser as a friend to her husband.

She was wondering why she got the spank but received another heavy spank which shaped her buttocks and made her miss her high-heeled direction. She fell and the shopping atmosphere was filled with laughter and amusement about what just happened to her.

She even hoped that the husband would help get her up but he left without remorse.

She was filled with shame and she started crying like a baby until this happened……

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Lesson Learned

Stop bragging about what you don’t know, make time instead to learn it the best way before bragging.

And never marry someone when you know that you are not up to what they really want. You will definitely be disappointed when they find out you deceived and lied to them.

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