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Murder Mystery Short Stories

It was a dark and bloody Friday morning in Wimberley, a small town located in Texas hill country.

The neighbourhood  had woken up on one of the winter solstice days to witness the bloody killings which took the lives of parents, twin brother, newly married wife, and a family gateman of a well-known successful medical surgeon, by the name Harry. The incident happened in Harry’s parental home in Wimberley on Thursday night.

Even though Harry was busy in the hospital clinic where he was working in Houston, He couldn’t help controlling the negative thoughts that were flashing in his mind. The thought about the safety of his identical twin brother, Garrett, kept flashing in his mind. His negative feelings extended from his twin brother to his newly married wife, Scarlet, and his parents (Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Jasmine).

Earlier before that day, Harry’s parents were already in their family home at Wimberley, they were anxiously waiting for their children’s return. 

Harry’s wife had travelled to Wimberley with his twin brother on Thursday afternoon.  They went to make some important home deliveries in preparation for the awaited thirty-fifth marriage anniversary celebration of their parents which was slated to come up on Friday.

Harry and his younger sister, Charlotte had stayed behind but had plans to join them shortly after his hospital consultation on Friday morning.

Harry’s trepidations became more intense which pushed him into fulfilling the idea of calling his wife to hear from her. He collected his phone from his consulting table to call his wife but there was no response from her.

His wife’s phone kept ringing but no one was picking up the call. Harry then diverted the call to his twin brother but unfortunately, none of his two digits could be reached.

He quickly ended the connection attempt to call his dad and mom respectively but all efforts to reach the two of them were in vain. Their phones were switched off at the moment. He tried to reach out to his childhood friend, Morgan, to help him run a check on his family members but remembered that his friend’s flight to London was scheduled to take off on Thursday morning. He rescinded the idea of calling Morgan because he realized he should be in London at that moment.

 What’s happening to everyone? Why is it that no one is picking up my calls? Even Morgan, whom I knew for sure would have picked my call and helped out in a situation like this had embarked on a business trip to London.

Many unanswered questions were going on in his mind.

A thought of calling their family gateman, Jack, came to his mind. He called and there were still no positive outcomes to get his troubled mind relaxed.

He was still struggling to put himself together before his second phone started to ring inside his pocket. He curiously picked up his call and it was Charlotte, her younger sister who’d waited to travel with him after his hospital consultation in the morning. 

“Hello brother,” Charlotte said. “Hi Charlotte,” he curiously replied and continued. “Did anyone call you from home?” he asked. “No,” she replied.

“But why do you ask?” she questioned and never allowed him a responding space before expressing her worries. “Hope everything is alright at home,” she demanded to know.

“I’m yet to find out because I have been trying to speak with all of them at home but my efforts were futile,” he said and proceeded to say more.

“Get yourself ready, I will be home to pick you along with me in not less than fifteen minutes,” he added. “I’m already prepared to travel with you bro,” she replied.

Harry was there a few minutes later, he picked Charlotte and they headed from Houston to Wimberly.

Normally, driving from Houston TX to Wimberley town should take approximately two hours and fifty-seven minutes, or three hours on average.

Harry was speeding too much on their way, he failed to observe driving and traffic rules and regulations. He had already covered more than half of his journey in one hour when he received a call from an unknown number and it was a police detective.

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