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Hi, meet Chiamago the storyteller. In this blog post, I will be telling you a short sad story about love and what happened thereafter.

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This is a fictional short story so names or characters and places are fictitiously used according to the author’s imagination. Disregard any related life story as a coincidence.

Story Characters; The main character in the story is Natasha and her husband by the name of Raymond, also included in the story is Natasha’s twin brother, Oscar, and more.

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Informational; The reader desires to read a short sad story about love to diversify his or her knowledge on the incredibly sad part of love.

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That Sweetest Love Journey I Never Want To Embark On

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Short Sad Story About Love.

The Story.

Hi, I’m Natasha, I’m here to tell you my short sad story about love. Someone I loved so much got me seated under the apple tree of love, sadness, and pain engulfing my emotions in disarray and I felt it was good to pen down my story for your entertainment.

As I continued sitting on the apple tree of love, sadness, and pain that he got me into. I continued memorizing my love life and the unpredictable things about love.

Is it really good to fall in love?

Why should love be connected to sadness and pain?

Where was love when equation balancing was solved by the world mathematician?

Too many questions popping out in my mind but no unraveling fact to conciliate my chaotic brain in a respite state.

My mind abruptly commenced veering around my mother’s love story.

It suddenly propelled me to begin reflecting on a virtuous woman whose love for her husband was cut short because of hate and tribal discrepancies.

Oh, what a world!

My mother had divulged her love story to me at the age of sixteen.

Her love story goes this way…

Datiki and Powa were two kingdoms located in the eastern part of Africa.

There had been a recorded marriage repudiation and unsettlement between the two kingdoms some years back which resulted in the two kingdoms’ marriage denials to each other for years.

There was a young man she met during one of her visits to her uncle who resides in Accra.

Both of them fell in love with each other without knowing the mishap they would encounter on their love journey.

Being an inquisitive child I attempted to interrupt my mother, asking her why she failed to inquire about the young man’s origin before opening her heart for love bearing in mind their tribal rules and regulations in marriage.

Her reply to me reads…

I did my daughter but I was hornswoggled by your father and not until everything became too late to terminate, he opened up to me about being a Powa kingdom indigene.

Your father told me that he suspected I must be from the Datiki kingdom having known that the uncle I visited was from Dakiti but he never wanted to unveil his identity earlier in order not to annihilate our relationship.

We jointly agreed to be the first couple to break the marital loathing between the two kingdoms because of the emotional lovely feelings we had for each other.

She said that she never wanted to start blaming my father for not letting her know about it earlier because she was already madly in love with him.

My mother continued…

When the time came for us to get married after some years of courtship, both of us decided to fight towards securing our marriage irrespective of the obstacles we were going to experience on the way.

We fought and got tired of fighting to get our marriage rite completed. We finally concluded to work with court marriage which we successfully achieved within some months of initiating the concept.

Kemba, your father, was the only son in the family and so his family finds it difficult to accommodate him from getting married to a Dakiti woman to circumvent traditional calamities.

They planned to hook him up with the money. It happened that I went to the market to buy some food. On reaching the house, I overheard some noise from our apartment which triggered me to hide and peep to elucidate my curiosity.

Kemba’s family had brought him a beautiful woman to settle down with. They also promised to offer him a cash sum of a hundred thousand US dollars if he should abandon me to get married to the beautiful woman.

He rejected their plan and swore never to abandon me while he maintained his commitment to his grave.

I never knew about the intricacies associated with twin gestation until I partook in it myself, sleeping from one hospital to another all through my pregnancy term until I gave birth to you and your late twin brother the same day I lost your lovely father who was rushed to the hospital emergency unit after donating two pints of blood to me, your mother.

I woke up without seeing your Dad and your twin brother beside me.

Upon inquiring to know what happened, a tall-black nurse held my hands and narrated a story I wouldn’t want to hear again in my lifetime.

She told me that your father gave up after fainting from the fear of having to lose me in the delivery room as regards to my delivery complications after donating blood to me.

She also narrated how your twin brother died a few minutes after he was delivered.

I was astonished and speechless all through my mother’s stories but I managed to let her know about the strong feeling I had against my twin brother’s death story.

Life with my mother continued until she could no longer bear the pains of her husband’s death.

She gave up the ghost when I was nineteen after a brief ailment associated with a heart attack, leaving only me to endure in this world of uncertainties.

************                 ************

I was so lonely and helpless until I found love in this guy called Raymond.

I’m sure of my love for Raymond and I have come to also realize how much he loved me.

We sacrificed many things together to build our relationship and never wanted to let go of each other in any aspect of life.

Raymond had wanted to know more about my parents and siblings but was shocked when I told him about my family story, he then swore never to hurt me and to always be by my side throughout his lifetime.

We later perfected our relationship from friendship to marriage. I was so glad because I felt that I was definitely going to be pampered again in life after the death of my parents and the misery behind my twin brother’s unconfirmed death story.

I took Ray as my father, my mother, and my brother, in fact, I took him as everything to me.

I had to shut off everything that would be capable of destroying our marital union.

I was faithful to him, I respected him and trusted in him with all the blood running in my veins.

At a point in our marriage, things started turning upside down. His business also started going down without leaving a trace of what would be the reason.

We worked together to bring food to the table. We kept managing together with love and understanding until one of Raymond’s uncles brought the idea of him traveling out of the country to make both ends meet.

It was a big pain for us to miss each other for three years but if that alone would better our life and that of our unborn children, then we would wholeheartedly accept it without looking back.

The slated time came and Ray had to bid me farewell. It was my first time witnessing tears in his eyes. He came closer to me and kissed me passionately, dropping uncontrollable tears of love and pain.

I can’t even explain my emotional mood at that moment. Raymond at a point controlled himself as a man, he wiped my tears away and made some emotional promises to me.

You can read Raymond’s words to me…

I never expected to pass a night without having you beside me, my sweetheart. Sometimes unanticipated things do happen.

It is a pain for me to leave you behind for some years but I accepted embarking on the journey upon witnessing how you have been suffering with me for our establishment when the going was tough.

I had loved you from the very first day I set my eyes on you and also took full responsibility for you from the day I heard your life story.

Let this journey not be a contributing factor to degrade your mental health, my love.

I’m only leaving you physically but my emotions and spirits remained intact with you.

Or you may be thinking about my sexual life thereafter.

I want to also assure you of my faithfulness to you. I loved you so much and promised never to cheat on you with any woman.

I owe you this promise from the first day I consummated my union with you till infinity.

I’m traveling to suffer for you to enjoy life and appreciate God for having me in your life.

I will be sending money to you occasionally. Do not hesitate to make a demand from me because I will always be on the listening boat.

You only owe me one thing.

I was curious to hear him make a demand from me so I kept listening to hear from him.

Sudden silence and anticipation encompassed the atmosphere for some minutes before Raymond held me tight and whispered in my ear a word that I would never fail to fulfill in my life.

You too may be curious to know what he demanded, right?

He only demanded faithfulness from me.

I never took it as a demand because every married woman already owes her husband a faithful vow irrespective of the sexual history of the man.

You have been everything to me and there is nothing I will gain from being unfaithful to you other than a catastrophe, I responded to Raymond.

He hugged me again and set to leave at the airport considering his scheduled flight time.

I accompanied Raymond to the airport and waited until they flew to Dubai.

I returned home with tears but was motivated each time I recall his promises to me especially where he assured me of his faithfulness to infinity.

Life without Raymond seems so difficult for me to manage, coupled with the fact that we have not gotten a child.

I came to notice slight body weakness a few days after Raymond’s journey to Dubai.

I earlier attributed the body weakness to missing Raymond and the fear of not being able to get his digit connected after his journey.

I decided to visit our family doctor for my health check and was able to discover my early pregnancy journey.

I was filled with mixed emotions of happiness and sadness. Happy about my pregnancy and sad about missing my Ray without hearing from him.

At one point, my mind was filled with the decision to reach out to Raymond’s uncle who connected him to his Dubai trip.

His response to my call multiplied my anxiety and I was left in fear and loneliness.

**************         **************

How time flies without wings is what I can’t explain in life. Today marks exactly eight months of Ray’s journey without hearing from him and also eight months and two weeks of my gestation term.

I knew how I had been suffering to take care of myself and my unborn baby but that was not even a problem to me.

I’m so worried about Ray’s safety.

Is he really safe and healthy?

I doubt it because having known him for years, I believe he cannot be safe and deliberately decided to ignore me for months.

I decided to visit Ray’s uncle to see if he had gotten a clue about Ray’s sudden silence. I was dressing up to visit him before my phone rang and it was him calling.

He just called to let me know their decision to arrange my husband’s burial ceremony.

I fainted and couldn’t tell what happened next until I found myself lying on the hospital bed.

The nurse beside me was so happy and wanted to know how I was feeling at the moment.

I’m okay, but wanted to make some calls now.

Who do you want to call? I’m asking because your health forbids any form of distraction.

As the nurse refused to permit me to make a call, I began to imagine what Uncle Dan just told me. I was still thinking about it when he entered the hospital ward.

We discussed the details of why he called, and I was shocked about their plan to commence my husband’s burial ceremony.

The burial came and passed, in fact, I delivered my twin boys 3 days after Raymond’s burial.

I was mourning and enjoying myself at the same time. Grieving my husband’s unplanned demise and enjoying the birth of Raymond’s twins.

Oh life, why do you so much hate to see me happy? I have lost a man who loves me so much and has promised me everything good.

I still can’t believe that Ray is gone and gone forever. I’m still having this feeling that he will one day come back to tell me his side of the story.

I strongly believe that my God must have delivered him from the plane crash incident.

Talking about my pains and suffering to raise my twin boys alone, is nothing to write home about.

There was a day that I couldn’t understand the twin’s health and I decided to take them to a childcare specialist hospital. The twins were admitted for three days and discharged without payment.

Madam, you are free to go because the doctor has paid for your twin’s treatment, the nurse told me.

I was so happy and decided to go and appreciate the doctor.

He started asking me some questions about my family. He was asking too many questions and I was too secretive to open up some further things about my family.

He then told me about his birth history, he just told me about the confession his adopted mother made before she died. He told me that he had been searching for his real mother and his twin sister.

Honestly speaking to you, I was confused about the resemblance I had with the doctor the first time I set my eyes on him.

He went as far as mentioning the name of his mother as Stella which also was my mother’s name.

It happened that the same tall black nurse whom my mother saw beside her, who told her about my father’s and twin brother’s death was the same nurse who stole him and trained him from birth.

I was so happy to find my missing twin brother.

We exchanged contact and he promised to visit me and the twins on Sunday.

My twin brother visited us on Sunday as he promised. As we were discussing and sharing our life stories. I narrated how I lost my dear husband in a plane crash two years ago on his way to Dubai.

He confirmed that he heard about the Dubai plane crash incident some years ago, he also confirmed that the incident had left one survivor from Nigeria.

He then promised to confirm the identity of the plane crash survivor.

We were still discussing when someone entered the compound. Behold it was my Ray walking and smiling to meet me. I pushed my twins away and ran straight to him to embrace and welcome him home.

Words can’t tell my feelings at the moment but my action said it all.

I introduced the twins to their daddy and also introduced my twin brother to my hubby.

Words can’t tell about how happy Raymond was looking at his twin boys and how happy he was beholding my twin brother for the first time.

My Ray narrated how he survived the plane crash and how he stayed in a coma for months and in a hospital bed for years.

We celebrated his return and my twin brother signed him a cheque of 500 million dollars to start a new life and take care of his family.

He also offered a free apartment to me and my husband and promised to do more.

This is just the beginning of the love between me and Raymond.

Thank you for reaching Natasha’s short sad story about love with a happy ending. Always visit to read more stories.

To God be the glory.

Moral Lesson;

Patience and faithfulness are the two major keys to sustaining and conquering all the stumbling blocks associated with love.

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