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Hi! Welcome to my storytelling world, it’s still me Chiamago the storyteller. I will be telling you a short story about helping others in today’s blog story.

Let’s get started narrating the short story about helping others without protocols.

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Short Story About Helping Others 

The Story

Lamia was a young and smart girl in her teenage stage. Her father, Andrew, happens to be a popular rich man in Iketu village. She was the only daughter and last child in a family of three children.

Apart from riches, Lamia’s parents were also known to be so arrogant, selfish, wicked, and at the same time Christian. Wait a minute please, could you imagine the incompatibility in the combination of illustrative definitions of characters about Lamia’s parents? Never mind, let’s continue with the story.

All of Andrew’s children inherited the bad but pretentious lifestyle of their father, Andrew, and that of their mother, Felicia except Lamia. 

No one talks about money in Iketu village without mentioning Andrew and his wife, Felicia, yet their neighbor was known to be the poorest family in Iketu village.

They have bastard money but they are stingy about helping the poor, yet they call themselves Christians. They prefer to insult people than to help people.

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Let’s continue with the short story about helping others.

Felicia and her husband will always advise their children negatively. They keep telling their three children, Paschal, Emmanuel, and Lamia to stay away and not associate with all the good-for-nothing people around them.

But daddy, we were taught to love one another in the church. Lamia told his daddy on one occasion. Senseless girl, she will always pick up unnecessary arguments with her parents. Felicia shouted to her daughter. Yes, mummy, I forgot to inform you yesterday that I caught Lamia greeting Mama Ekene yesterday.

Emma took over words from her mother.  We have to caution Lamia so she dances according to the beatings of our drum, Andrew shouted back at his daughter. Good evening Sir Andrew, Mama Ekene interrupted Andrew’s family.

Take your good evening to yourself and hold on to your cock and bull story this time around, Lamia’s father replied to Mama Ekene.

Please, help us, Sir, my son is about to die in the house, and we have no money to take him to the hospital, Papa Ekene’s father added to what his wife said.

Are we the ones that told you to give birth to nine children, what business do we have with your poverty and your son’s sickness? Lamia’s mom asked Mama Ekene.

They later pushed them out of their house. Mama Ekene’s mom and her husband were left in tears and pain as they returned to their house.

Knock knock knock, someone was overheard knocking at Mama Ekene’s door. Who is that? David, mama Ekene’s 6th son asked. Open the door, It is me, Lamia.

They opened the door and Lamia secretly gave them her savings to take their son to the hospital. But the boy died in the hospital the next day because they never presented his case to the doctor on time.

Two weeks after the death of Mama Ekene’s son. Heavy smoke was seen coming from Andrew’s house. Mama Ekene, please help us, we are dying inside. Felicia shouted from their house. Please forgive us and help us to stop the fire, Andrew added.

Thank God, Karma is real, let them all die inside, who cares, Ekene told his brothers. Nemesis has caught up with them today, Papa Ekene said.

All of them deserve to die because they contributed to our brother’s death, David said.

But you haven’t said anything yet, Joseph told their mother. Yes, my son, I’m only worried about Lamia, Mama Ekene told her children. Yes, we have to start going immediately to rescue Lamia, Ekene told his parents and his brothers.

Let’s start going, please, that girl’s life is so important. She is so caring and loving and so she deserves not to die. They went and rescued Lamia from the fire, leaving behind her parents and her brothers.

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Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate your kindness, but what is life without my parents and my brothers? l knew, they never deserved your help, please do it for my sake, Lamia pleaded with Mama Ekene’s family. The family finally rescued every one of them from the fire.

Thank you so much, neighbor, Andrew greeted Papa Ekene and his family for what they did.

Selfish man, now you know that we are neighbors, Papa Ekene responded to Lamia’s father.

Don’t appreciate us, appreciate your daughter because her wisdom and selfless attitude attracted us to her rescue and we extended the help for her happiness to be completed, Ekenes’s mother angrily replied.

Left for us to decide, you and your wife including your two boys would have been dead by now, wicked and selfish man. Ekene bashed again…….and the story ends…

What lesson have you learned so far from this short story about helping others? (Lamia’s story)

It’s really good to start helping others in need as no one knows what might come up tomorrow.

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