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Welcome! Meet Chiamago the storyteller. You are here to read Bible stories about lying and the consequences that followed thereafter.

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In this blog post, you will be reading Bible stories about lying and its punishment.

The Bible topic I will be making use of will be the Bible story of Ananias and his wife Sapphira.

The Bible quotation will be from Act of Apostles chapter 5 from verses 1 to 11.

To know more, please keep reading.

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The source of this Bible story about lying came from the Act of Apostle chapter 5 from verses 1 to 11.

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Bible Stories About Lying

The Story

During the early Christian days in Jerusalem, the believers were united in love and prayers.

Because of this, they agreed and sold some of their land and properties to share with the less privileged as a sign of Christian love.

Barnabas was recorded as one of them who sold his land and brought out all the money to be shared with the poor among them.

Husband and wife by the name, Ananias and Sapphira, also sold their property but without returning all the land money to the Church which was being represented by the apostle, Peter.

They came and dropped some part of the money to Peter with lies.

It was said that Peter received revelation from the Holy Spirit and questioned Ananias about the truth regarding the completeness of the land money he returned.

Ananias lied to Peter and maintained he returned all the money gotten from the sold property.

Peter said to him, why did you allow Satan to possess your heart by lying about the money?

You have lied not against me but you lied against the Holy Spirit and therefore should face the consequences of your deceitful action.

It was at this stage that Ananias fell and died instantly.

Everyone was left in fear and trembling.

Some young men carried Ananias body away and buried him without his wife knowing about what happened.

The Bible also tells us about what happened 3 hours after the death of Ananias.

It was recorded that his wife, Sapphira came in after 3 hours of his husband’s death and she was asked about the truth concerning the money they returned and the money they sold their land property.

She responded exactly as her husband did, she lied that they brought out all the money to the Church.

Peter said to Sapphira.

How did you choose to test the Holy Spirit of God?

You can see the feet of the men who buried your husband at the door and they will do the same to you now.

On hearing this from Peter, Sapphira fell down and also died like her husband.

The same men who buried Ananias also carried Sapphira’s body out and buried her.

Everyone was left in fear of what happened to the husband and wife for lying against the Holy Spirit.

Lesson Learned

I understood perfectly that Ananias and Sapphira’s death punishment in the Bible was more connected to being deceitful and the act of lies.

Though they were tempted, which pushed them to return some part of the money as human beings, their life would have been saved if they had admitted to their actions when Peter asked them, instead of lying on top of their sin.

Nowadays, we Christians disregard lying as part of sin but it shouldn’t be so.

Someone who cheated on his partner has already sinned against God. You implicate and danger the loss of your soul by lying to cover up your adulterous life and sin.

The adultery you committed against your partner is a sin already.

You can either reawaken your soul as a Christian by admitting and confessing your sin to God and also to your partner and also be determined never to go back to the sin or lie to cover up and continue to sin leaving your Soul to everlasting condemnation and perdition.

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