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Hi, welcome to my storytelling world, Today, I will be guiding you on blogging for beginners in the form of a story for easier understanding.

I’m still Chiamago your storyteller. The only lady who tells mind-blowing fiction stories even in the dream, the only lady who teaches with stories.

Today, I will be guiding you on blogging for beginners in the form of a story for easier understanding

You may wonder why the word beginners, but I chose it to show you how easily I will simplify everything about blogging.  By using the word “blogging for beginners”  it simply implies that my teaching about blogging will be simplified in such a way that even a child will still have the perfect understanding of blogging after reading this blog story.

If a stupid person will have the perfect understanding of blogging after reading this blog story, how about a learned person like you? It means you as a learned person will hundred percent comprehend it as well.

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Blogging for Beginners

The Story

You will be getting this blogging story as a discussion between a mother and her 12 years intelligent daughter.

The mom’s name is Catherine and her daughter’s name is Sandra.

Introduction To Blogging

Before we go on to detailing the introductory aspect of blogging, I surmise it’s necessary to also introduce the complete blogging for beginners guide you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


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Okay, let’s get started now!

Sandra said, … Hi Mom, what are you doing? Mom replied,… As you can see, I’m doing my passion, I’m busy with my blog, I’m writing and getting my write-ups ready for publishing.

Sandra asked,… But mom, what is a blog and why do you always write and publish even when you had a stressful day and were supposed to be resting?

Mom replied, …. Let me start by answering your two questions one after the other. A blog is an informational site where information is written and published online for visitors’ benefit.

Mom continued,… The act of writing and publishing online information in a blog is called blogging while a person who manages or owns a blog is called a blogger. So another name for your mom is a blogger.

Sandra interrupted her mom, …. You mean if I didn’t call you mom, I can also call you blogger just like you sometimes call me Sandra or Princess. If yes is your answer, hope it won’t annoy you if I call you a blogger.

Mom replied, …. Yes, daughter, it won’t. Mom continued, …..reason why you saw me write and publish even when I was supposed to be resting is because I never wanted my blog to fail me, I simply took my blogging career seriously because I really want to make cool money from my blog.

Blogging for beginners (Learn How To Create A Blog)

Sandra told her mom,… I like to own a blog and become a blogger because I so much like to write and publish information for people to read. How do I get started initiating and perfecting my zeal of becoming a blog?

Mom replied,… To become a blogger, you will first create a personal blog. And creating a personal blog is as easy as saving money for domain purchases and hosting purchases except you want to build it on a free blogging platform that has less than a 50% recommendation percentage. If not, create your blog as soon as you are done completing the money.

Are you ready to own a blog now?

Kindly click this link to register and create your new blog with the best-recommended hosting provider.

Mom continued, …. Make sure to optimize your domain name before registering the name. And also make sure you choose the right blog niche.

Sandra asked Mom, …. How do I optimize the domain name, please? And how do I pick the right niche? Also, what is a niche? Sorry for too many questions, Mom.

Mom answered, ….. I will start answering your questions from the third question. A blog niche simply means a specialized topic that a blogger would like to blog about. You never told me before but I have the strong feeling that you may want to start a blog that will be talking about travel because you love travelling so much. Tell me if I’m wrong, Sandra.

Sandra answered, …. Correct, I like travelling so much and want to start a blog where I will be updating my readers about different places I have travelled to and unique things about the places I visited.

Mom continued, ….. Your supposed blog niche will be the travel blog niche. Coming to your domain name optimization instruction, please make sure that you include the word “travel” in your domain name. That’s all it means to get a domain name optimized for search engine recognition and ranking benefits. I think I have answered your question, what should be our next blogging discussion?

Sandra requested from her mom, … Give me some minutes mom, I will get back to you shortly. I’m back and I also have good news for you, Mom. You always condemned procrastination because it’s a destiny destroyer. I just started my blog.

Mom replied, ….. Are you serious Sandra? You should have told me your intentions so I guide you during blog registration. At least I would have suggested the best suitably-optimized blog domain name to use.

Sandra replied to her mom, …… What other guide do I need to start a blog other than everything you have disclosed here about blogging?

I made sure I followed the recommended hosting provider link, I optimized my domain name. My domain name is

Don’t also get worried about the money I used. I have been saving money with Daddy’s account which made him dash out one of his atm cards for my expenses. What do think, Mom?

Mom replied, ….. Good of you my daughter, I’m happy you followed the link to a trusted and reliable hosting provider. I’m happy also about how perfectly you optimized the domain name. It is a domain name I would have suggested if you had given me the opportunity.

I didn’t even know you already had savings with Daddy and you never bothered to tell me about it. Anyway, I love everything about you, my daughter.

Mom continued, ….. There are other important things I would want you to do in your new blog before writing and publishing.

Blogging For Dummies (After Starting A Blog, What Next)

Install a CMS platform. I would recommend WordPress CMS. To achieve it, login to your hosting account and locate the WordPress one-click installation option and click on it, allow it to finish installation and you are done.

  1. Run WordPress account Setup; log in to your WordPress account dashboard. Click on the settings option, and click on the general option to set up your new blog. You are required to update your blog title, blog tagline, blog address, and administrative email address. Do not forget to save your changes.
  2. Update your Permalink Structure. Go to settings again, click on the permalink option to get it changed from the pre-installed plain structure to the post-name structure.
  3. Create your WordPress pages;  as a blog owner, there are must-have pages in a blogger’s blog. The must-have pages are the About Me page, Contact Us page, the Privacy Policy page, and the Disclaimers page. Please create them. While still in your WordPress dashboard, click on the Pages option, and click on the Create new page option. Name your page and write what you would want visitors to know on the created page. Publish when you are done.
  4. Install some must-have helpful plugins. Plugins like Yoast for SEO or its alternative, Wp fastest cache for wiping cache or its alternative, and Jetpack for security or its alternative.
  5. Learn SEO and do long-tail keyword research for SEO benefits. Find some long-tail keywords and copy them out.
  6. Start writing and publishing your passion without looking back. Do not forget to optimize your blog post. Make sure to distribute your keywords inside your blog post when writing. As I was writing the topic, “blogging for dummies” I made sure that keyword was seen many times inside the blog post content. That’s all.
  7. Start monetizing your blog as soon as you have added and published blog posts on the blog.

Sandra replied,… I already followed you up from the first to the final option which is number eight. I must say that this blog’s teachings work as the name implies, “blogging for beginners” Even an insane person can easily understand it clearly. But Mom, could you please give more explanation regarding the number six?

How do I have the perfect knowledge of long-tail keyword research practices for SEO?  I’m a little bit confused about getting SEO right. Tell me more Mom.

Mom replied, ….. Number six happens to be the deepest part of blogging when it comes to SEO practices for organic ranking. If I should write to guide you about the topic here, it then means I’m no longer writing a blog post but a book.

To get an expert knowledge of number six which focuses on SEO. I will recommend you to buy the book version of Blogging for beginners.


Sandra told her mom, ….. Thanks, Mom, some minutes please, I will be going right now to purchase the book for my night reading. We will continue with the blogging for beginners story tomorrow morning. Good night, mom.

Mom replied, …… Good night my daughter. Good purchase, read well, and sleep well. Good night.

There was a break!

Good morning, Mom. I have purchased and read everything written in the book. The book is for sure a must-read for people aspiring to start a blog for money-making purposes. No protocols for making money on a blog after reading the powerful blogging book.

Mom replied, … Thank you, my daughter. Do you still have questions to ask regarding the number six of “after starting a blog what next” I mean after reading the dummies book you purchased?

Sandra’s reply, … Not at all, I don’t have question, Mom. In fact, you should also start to call me a blogger because I’m going to be the number one successful blogger of our time.

Mom replied, … So be it, daughter.

This is the end of the blogging for beginners stories of Catherine and her 12 years old daughter.

Thank you for your reading time.

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