Hi! You’re welcome to my storytelling world, it’s still me, Chiamago the storyteller. I will be telling you funny stories about pastors in today’s blog story.

Funny Stories About Pastors

The Story

Pastor Kelvin and his wife had a serious quarrel on Monday which triggered the sudden change of topic on Tuesday’s fellowship.

We hope to reverse peace and unity among couples and we will be focusing on the wife-related faults as I was directed by the holy spirit, Pastor Kelvin said to his congregations.

He boldly started preaching and also backed up his sermon against wives from the Bible quotations.

His preaching was as if he indirectly wanted to expose all his wife’s weaknesses which made his wife so uncomfortable at a point.

As he finished his sermon, a man stood up to ask him why he skipped every fault of the husbands in marital relationships.

I preached as I was directed by the holy spirit, Pastor Kelvin replied and continued to justify his guilty conscience.

Let’s take a little break please!

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Let’s continue with the story!

Friday’s fellowship topic will be about husband and wife relationship and we will center our preaching on the husbands, said Pastor Kelvin when closing Tuesday’s fellowship.

His wife Jane was seriously waiting for the Friday fellowship day, so she would hear what his husband had to say about husband’s faults in marriage.

As the Friday fellowship approaches, Pastor kelvin calls his wife for a discussion.

Sweetheart, It has been a long time since you visited your mother in the village. I’m willing to support your visit in a special way if you would visit her today, Pastor Kelvin added.

Thank you so much, my love, I will do as you said.

His wife pretended as if she never knew her husband’s intention of suddenly wanting to send her to the village.

And when will you come back? Pastor Kelvin asked.

I will be coming back in one week, are you not okay with the one-week stay? His wife asked.

It’s perfectly okay with me, Pastor Kelvin said smiling.

Jane finally prepared to visit her mother at her sister’s house. They enjoyed themselves throughout the night and Jane left the next day to attend the Friday fellowship about the husband’s fault.

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As she entered the church, Pastor Kelvin noticed her wife’s presence from the pulpit and he was so uncomfortable about the sudden appearance of his wife and he didn’t know what to preach again.

He was like….

So, Amen and Amen!


Amen and Amen…

Thank you Holy Spirit!

Thank you Abba father!

Wives, please forgive your husbands in any way they might have offended you.

He was about to ask for more forgiveness before the entire congregation burst into uncontrollable laughter.

The atmosphere was filled with confusion and laughter until the confuser got confused about why everyone was laughing.

Only God knows what happens next in Pastor Kelvin’s house after the fellowship.

What do you think about the first funny stories about pastors you just read? (Pastor Kelvin and his wife’s story)

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section.

For me, I think Pastor Kelvin has a skeleton on his cupboard against his wife, or what do you think?

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