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Hi, I’m Chiamago the storyteller, welcome to my storytelling world @Chiamagostories. Today we will focus our story on the “funny stories about men”.

Today, we will focus mostly on “funny stories about men caused by their ego-protective nature. It will be so funny but truthful. Stay with us as we walk down the amusement gist here.

This will be so funny to read as you know the fact that even the poorest man values his ego even more than the richest in the world. You can hear it again.

Oh, drop the laughs by the side, but that is the purest truth ever told when it comes to facts about men.

Please pause and have some inner meditation, if the poorest man values his manly ego more than anything despite being poor and wretched. How then will he beg his fellow man for money and more? It must be funny indeed!

Join me as we get started keeping protocol aside.

What are the funny things you have noticed about men? Many humorous attitudes of men always boost my mood and keep me in a laughing mood.

What are these funny stories about men? That’s what we are going to explore here, keep reading.

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Let’s quickly get started keeping protocols behind!

Funny Stories About Men.

Men’s Ego (1st Story)

One of the funniest attitudes of men is linked to their ego. Read the short funny story about men below!

Emeka has no money to buy anything good for himself. He has tried many different ways of making money but none of the ways he tried worked for him.

He has many rich friends living close to him and one of the generous ones among them is Ozo.

Instead of Emeka humbling himself and asking Ozo for financial assistance, he continues his borrowing tricks to keep his ego.

He ran out of luck one day as he continued with his trickish begging ego-related gimmick. It happens that he always begs Ozo for monetary help and he has been continually getting help from his friend, Ozo.

Emeka will always be like, “Guy, loan me some money, you know that what man gives man means he should collect and hold it for him”.

Ozo will always smile inside and give him whatever loanable amount he requested.

He continues until Ozo decides to show him the other side of him for a reason best known to him alone.

A day came that Emeka proudly took his girlfriend to a nearby hotel in an empty pocket hoping to also get help from Ozo as usual.

The waiter calculated their money after eating and drinking with his girlfriend and handed the bill over to Emeka.

He started his usual borrowing pattern again and was disgraced in front of his girlfriend by Ozo.

Read the two friends’ conversation below!

Emeka said, Guy loan me 50 dollars, you know that what man gives man means he should collect and hold it for him”.

Ozo replied, Not again, I have been lending you money for years in the name of what man gives man trick but it won’t work again today.

In fact, today is your payback day for all the money I have been giving you to hold for me, or else…

Ozos’ seriousness to be paid back by Emeka culminated in a serious argument which later led to an uncontrollable fight.

As the two friends were fighting, the waiter was captured holding half of Emeka’s trousers which were torn by Ozo.

Emeka’s girlfriend was captured enjoying the fighting scene and laughing uncontrollably before she decided to run away as people requested to know more about the girlfriend.

What a disgraceful day for Emeka all because he was fighting so much to protect his manly ego in the wrong manner.

What a funny and laughing atmosphere for you reading this today.

What do you think concerning Emeka’s attitude to his rich friend, Ozo?

I think he would have gained from his friend if he had removed his ego by the side to ask for financial help from Ozo.

What smart observation were you able to deduce concerning Ozo’s unexpected reaction?

Left for me, Ozo was annoyed because he had wanted to befriend Emeka’s girlfriend but got turned down by the girl.

How could he then be the one to secretly pay for their enjoyment without having to receive a thank you or hug from the girl he once toasted?

Let us know what you think concerning the “funny story about men” in the comment section.

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