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Hi, meet Chiamago the storyteller. In this blog post, I will be telling you a short story about truth with a moral lesson to learn from.

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Stories Source; Chiamago’s Stories.

Story Narrative; Third-person narrative writing.

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The copyright of the short story about truth belongs to the story author, Chiamago and so no part of the story should be reproduced outside the author’s permission.

This is a fictional story, so names or characters and places are fictitiously used according to the author’s imagination. Disregard any related life story as a coincidence.

Story Character; The main character in the story is Sharon Keeper and her grandmother, Nwanyimma. Also included were some of Sharon’s other family members and Mark, Sharon’s destiny helper who played the blind man.

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Informational; The reader desires to read a short story about truth and possibly learn a moral lesson.

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Short Story About Truth

Read Story Now;

During Sharon Keeper’s growing-up days. She emulated the truthful life pattern of her grandmother, Nwanyimma, as she is fondly called by everyone who encountered her.

If you are from Africa and Igbo descendants to be precise.

You will understand what the name Nwanyimma means in Igbo.

Nwanyimma is an Igbo name which means a very beautiful woman.

Sharon’s grandmother was a beautiful woman in her early sixties. She was so beautiful and young which made it impossible for anyone to predict her real age.

She has a rounded smooth face and her stunning dimples expose the true beauty of a typical African woman.

She also has blue sparkling eyeballs which blend with her dark true eyelashes.

Having been brought up in the care of her grandmother, Sharon learned a lot from the poor woman.

She learned mostly her truthful life pattern and her hardworking attitude. She also learned self-control towards material acquisition and control over food.

Nwanyimma is so truthful to the extent that no one questions her words. When she says yes to queries or stories, then it’s yes. Likewise when she responded with the opposite.

Sharon gave one funny instance of her grandmother’s sincere nature.

She said there was a day when her grandmother promised to buy moi-moi for her but forgot to take the money for the moi-moi with her when she was going out.

Do you know what happened?

Sharon said that she caught her sneaking into the house, took the money, and went out again only to fulfill the promise she made.

Sharon kept wondering why her grandmother had to accommodate such double stress only to maintain her truthful lifestyle.

She said I’m always flabbergasted seeing my grandmother’s attitude towards me and more astounded when she also acts in the same manner to other people around her.

Sharon kept pondering within herself, why couldn’t my grandmother boldly tell me that she was unable to buy the promised moi-moi because she forgot money at home? As simple and explanatory as it sounds, I will perfectly understand her.

Nwanyimma took the double stress only to maintain her integrity and truthful lifestyle.

I have decided to adopt my grandmother’s life pattern. Sharon said and continued to say.

Come what may in my life journey, now and in the future. I will maintain my integrity and mostly uphold the truthful standard of my grandmother. Not leaving behind her hard-working attitude.

It was told by Sharon Keeper that her grandmother later died from the shock she received after the death of her only daughter who also was Sharon’s biological mother.

Sharon was indirectly forced to go back to her father’s house for her to put up with her mother’s responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings.

Sharon, being the first daughter and mostly the first child of her mother, started handling a mother and father responsibility without any help from the family extensions in her early adult stage. She just celebrated her 17th birthday.

It was recorded that Sharon took after her grandmother Nwanyimma in beauty and personally decided to also take over her late grandma’s character.

She experienced countless tempting situations as a teenager to deviate from her vow to be truthful, hardworking, and chaste but maintained what she vowed.

Because there was no support, Sharon had to stop schooling after her mother’s and grandmother’s death but she struggled to make sure her younger ones retained their education.

She started hawking pure water and chilled drinks to bring food to their table.

The most beautiful thing about Sharon was the fear of God she inculcated in herself and also made it part of her life.

She doesn’t hang out with the opposite sex in an illegal way but keeps laboring to make both ends meet through hawking.

It was during one of her hawking days that she met a fake blind man who pretended he went to the bank to withdraw money while going back home. The man mistakenly got his money scattered from the bag he had packed them.

Witnessing that the man was blind and needed help in packing the money back into the originating bag, so as not to lose money in the hands of insincere people.

Sharon decided to help the blind man. She sincerely packed all the money in the bag without removing a penny from it even though she got the opportunity to do it without leaving a trace of her identity.

After helping the man pack and arrange his money, the blind man persuaded her to help him take him to his house to avoid further loss of money.

Sharon initially opposed the idea of following the blind man to his house.

Sharon said to him.

I would have loved to offer you my full service by helping you to safely reach your destination Sir, but I’m afraid I don’t have to because it’s against my life rules to follow a man to his house for reasons best known to me Sir.

The man said to Sharon.

I understand you perfectly my daughter, because from your voice I was able to know your age. You are one hundred percent right in your decision.

But I’m a man old enough to be your father, at least I have 3 of your age grades in my house waiting to welcome me home as their father.

I promised never to hurt you, and God who made you make such a rightful decision in this corrupt and insincere world will always be there to protect you from the wrong people.

Be rest assured that God is with you and will never let you down for helping a blind man.

It was at this point that Sharon gathered the courage to follow the man to his house even though she secretly prayed before embarking on the journey of help with the blind man.

They left for his house, and upon arriving at the man’s house. They were warmly welcomed by his 3 daughters at home.

Sharon wanted to quickly get back to her hawking business but was held back by the blind man’s daughters.

They convinced her to come with them to the sitting room. She refused their suggestion but later agreed when the girl’s mother joined her daughters to convince Sharon.

She finally went inside with them and was shocked to discover that the man was never a blind man but intentionally pretended to be one of the blinds.

The man took over all the talking to calm down Sharon’s confused spirit.

He said to Sharon.

Thank you for your sincere help, young girl. People like you are rare to find and when found they should not be joked with.

Actually, I have been pretending to be blind for years in different unknown locations and I have also encountered many people during these years.

I have been trying to pick out one truthful person but find it too difficult to accomplish.

This is my tenth year of playing the blind man game and I was so disappointed with the type of people in the world today.

I’m so happy to have found you today. You are a blessed child and God has chosen to pay you back in your coin today, for your virtues.

When you were busy dragging to leave with my wife and daughters, I was busy counting the money.

I was determined to help anyone who could even deliver 70 percent of honesty with the money but fortunately for me, you delivered 100 percent of honesty and also multiplied it by 10 percent to make 1000 percent without looking back.

The man is still speaking.

I never wanted to narrate my experience for the 10 years I have been playing this game.

Sometimes, they will not only collect the whole money from me, but they will also join in beating and punching me as if the money is not enough for them.

In fact, the person I met in my last game even pushed me into the gutter filled with water for me to get drown and die. The God who saved me that day was the same God that I assured you of when you were rejecting to follow me to my house for the best reason known to you and also known to the wise.

I appreciate all you did and I want to also let you know about my vow to God ten years ago.

I initially told you that I started this game ten years ago right? Well, the whole idea came up after I lost my only son. Before my son’s death, my wife had passed through a deadly cancer sickness which resulted in losing her womb.

You knew, there is no known medical way to salvage and make a woman without a womb bear children.

Considering that I’m a strong Christian and also looking into the love I have for my wife, I wouldn’t want to hurt and worsen her pain and sorrow by getting married to another woman to have a male Son.

Me and my wife, including my 3 daughters, unitedly agreed and promised God to share half of my wealth with a truthful poor stranger if he would make me have a son through my wife disregarding the fact that she has no womb.

It was a month after the promise that God revealed how to locate the right person that I would be sharing my wealth with. We were made to know that the beneficially would be a poor but truthful orphan.

How then should we predict the truthful orphan? 

It was also revealed to us that we would get to find the right person after some years of pretentious blind games played by me.

That was why I started the blind man gameplay in which you are the game-winner.

Congratulations to you once again, it’s always good to be good and it pays to be good.

This is one thousand US dollars and I have counted it to be complete. You will be going with the money and will come back for the wealth sharing after one month for us to confirm my wife’s miracle pregnancy according to God’s revelation.

Mark went straight to Sharon handing the dollar suitcase to her.

Sharon started shedding tears of joy upon remembering how God chose to locate her and her siblings.

She said to the man.

I don’t really expect your reward for me to be rewarded by God Almighty.

Mark’s wife quickly interrupted Sharon, explaining the need to receive the money.

Or don’t you want me to get a male child for my husband? Mark’s wife asked Sharon.

I really wanted you to be blessed with not just a male child but male children Ma.

Then, you have to receive your gift for my happiness to be completed, the woman quickly responded to Sharon.

Sharon accepted the money with joy, embraced and thanked them for their gift, and stood up to start going home with joy when Mark’s wife asked her questions about her parents.

It was then that Sharon narrated her journey to the world of orphans and they couldn’t believe that an orphan without help could still resist the urge to acquire illegal money.

It was from that day that they adopted Sharon to be part of the family.

Mark said to Sharon.

From today henceforth you will be one of us in the family. Your problem will be our problem and your joy will also be our joy.

Thank you so much, Sir, Sharon replied.

You are welcome to the family any time and any day.

Mark’s wife told Sharon, displaying a lovely emotional motherly love.

All three children of the man also hugged Sharon as sisters would do to their sisters.

Sharon left with happiness and her life and that of her siblings were transferred from suffering and sorrow to that of endless enjoyment all because of Sharon’s truthful way of life.

Lesson Learned;

I hope you were able to pick the importance of being honest in life.

The story pointed mostly to the fact that being truthful pays much better than all the bunch of lies.

Indeed, you are definitely going to experience life challenges any time you conclude to be truthful in all your actions.

In the end, the reverse is always the case.

You will also learn that every final product of truth is always about satisfaction and happiness. Why not change your lifestyle to that of Sharon’s to secure a better tomorrow?

Thank you for reading this short story about truth with moral lessons. I hope you can learn a lesson from Sharon Keeper’s short story about truth.

Kindly leave us a comment and share the short story about truth to inspire others.

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