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Welcome! You are about to read a short story about love with moral lesson.

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You are here because you wanted to read a short story about love with moral lesson right?

In this love story, you will be reading about Erick and Jessica’s love story that exposes the benefit of maintaining one’s first love or rather maintaining your heart’s choices irrespective of your love predicaments.

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The reader desires to read a short story about love with moral lesson to learn from.

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Short Story About Love With Moral Lesson

Read The  Story!

Erick Peterson is a young vibrant man in his late twenties. Though he was born and brought up by his poor parents in Accra. He was very talented and optimistic about life and strongly refused to succumb to societal norms.

He relocated to Cape Town in search of work after he got fired from work for refusing to sleep with his boss.

It was in Cape Town that he met and fell in love with his first love, Jessica.

Jessica happens to be an intelligent type and easygoing person.

She recently secured a job and was working as a banker in one of the banks in Cape Town before she met with Erick.

Initially, it was as if Erick’s love for Jessica wasn’t reciprocated until the power of love unexpectedly began to play behind the scenes.

They started their love journey together with a perfect understanding of each other’s challenges.

It was not as if Jessica was happy about Erick’s jobless state but she observed her spirit wanted Erick just the way he was.

Love is truly a thing of the mind and operates in a way that no one can predict without making a prediction mistake.

Erick continued his job pursuit in combination with his love journey with Jessica.

It was a Saturday morning, Erick sat in front of his door holding his head and having nice thoughts about his life and his relationship with the love of his life.

The day after Tomorrow will be the 14th of February and I’m yet to get a Valentine’s gift for the only love of my life.

Should I then talk about many of my abandoned projects in Accra?

What about my poor parents and younger siblings waiting for me in anticipation of help?

May God help me to overcome my jobless state, and may God help me to get a job that will not only favor me in person but a job that will aid me to cater for all my needs including that of Jessica and my family members.

Erick was still thinking when Jessica came in and blocked his eyes from the back, throwing a caring question.

What are you thinking about this early morning, my love? Jessica asked.

I’m thinking about me and you sweetheart.

I’m thinking about our future life,  I’m thinking about our sweet coming marriage, in fact, I’m thinking about everything related to you and me.

Hope you are not hurting yourself with those thoughts. Jessica asked but got no reply from Erick.

She then continued.

We are meant to be together for eternity notwithstanding the current situation. We hope for a better tomorrow.

Sometimes, life is not all about “how fast” but “how well”.

I have this feeling that you will one day secure the best job that will leave us speechless.

Thank you so much dear, for your encouraging words and declaration.

Thank you, sweetheart, Erick said again while holding Jessica’s hand tightly.

He slowly kissed her like a woman would kiss her newborn baby even though Jessica maturely responded without regret.

Jessica handed him a Valentine’s gift in advance and asked him to read the letter presented together with a Valentine’s gift.

She wanted him to read the letter so he wouldn’t bother himself reciprocating the received gift item understanding his present jobless state.

Erick was burning with joy and confusion at the same time. Indeed every disappointment is truly a hidden blessing to behold, Erick murmured to himself. I now realize that losing my previous job was in favor of my lifetime relationship with Jessica which is so precious to me.

As a banker, Jessica is always busy from Monday to Friday and has only the weekends to share with Erick.

She got a surprise package from her manager on Valentine’s Day. Jessica got a proposal for a marriage engagement with her manager who has been admiring her secretly.

She refuses the marriage offer because of her love for Erick even though it looks enticing and promising enough to succumb to.

As Mike’s marriage advances to Jessica increase, Jessica has no other option than to inform Erick about the so-called marriage proposal from Mike, his company’s manager.

At first, Erick was afraid of losing his sweetheart Jessica in the hands of her manager until Jessica vowed to not leave him for any reason in life.

She was so determined to spend the rest of her life with Erick irrespective of his jobless state and financial status.

Love is really blind and conquers everything you can’t imagine, love is sweet especially when shared with someone you love so much. 

In most cases, the presence of money doesn’t really count, especially when love comes from within the heart.

It was so obvious that Erick and Jessica were truly in love with each other and so committed to spending the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

As Mike was too serious about winning Jessica’s marriage approval, he decided to discuss his intentions with Sandra, Jessica’s best friend hoping that she would help him 

The news came as a surprise to Sandra because her friend never told her about Mike’s marriage proposal to her.

She was so confused and annoyed with her friend for having to keep such serious matters secret from her.

Sandra decided to meet Jessica and talk to her about the need to settle down with an already-made man instead of wasting her precious time with a jobless man.

Thank you for your advice, Jessica said to Sandra and continued to speak her mind.

You have advised and suggested as a friend but I already knew what is good for me in terms of marriage.

Marriage is a lifetime journey and love should be considered most important when aiming to make it last in happiness.

I know that Erick is jobless for now but I also believe that he won’t be jobless forever and even if he’s going to be, better to live happily with a poor man with understanding than to live in pain and regret with a wealthy and arrogant man.

I have made the best life decisions and there’s no going back.

Sandra remained speechless all through Jessica’s explanation of her decision to settle down with her jobless Erick.

Anyway, the choice is yours, Sandra said and stood up to leave.

Jessica and Erick continued to struggle for their love survival and marriage settlement.

Mike later got married to someone else and at the same time got fired from the office for conspiring with a worker to eliminate their boss.

Erick later got a high-paying job offer to work with a big oil company as the managing director with his first-class results.

Things keep turning around for good for Jessica and Erick.

They later got married and Erick appreciated and respected Jessica for her humble and trustworthy personality, he also promised her of his love forever.

Lesson learned;

The lesson learned from this short story about love with moral lessons can be seen below.

Patient as one of the qualities of true love shouldn’t be ignored for any reason especially when dealing with true love that works towards marital union.

Jessica loves Erick and chooses to follow him patiently, ignoring his financial state and that is why they succeeded in their marriage.

Moreso, love shouldn’t be betrayed for money. 

Mike earlier wanted Jessica to quit her relationship with Erick for being jobless and unprepared for marriage but Jessica refused succumbing to his suggestions despite his money and influence.

Looking into our society today, you will believe me that ladies like Jessica are infrequent to be found and they shouldn’t be joked with when found.

Please learn from Jessica and Erick’s short story about love with moral lessons so you won’t make the mistake of marrying an enemy in the name of money. Remember, a poor man today may become a rich man tomorrow.

Remember the saying that not all that glitters in life are gold.

Thank you for your reading time.

Expect more sweet stories and also comment and share to help others learn from this story.

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