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Hi, welcome to my storytelling world! It’s still me Chiamago the Storyteller. Today, we will be narrating a short funny story about humility.

Funny Story About Humility 

The Story

Adaeze and Adaora were two close friends with two different personalities. You and I know that when it comes to friendship, birds of a feather always flock together but the case is different for Adaeze and her friend, Adaora.

Describing the two friends, Adaora is a beautiful girl in her teenage stage. She came from a poor family. She is social and kind when relating to people around her. She is so humble and people love her so much for her humble nature. 

Adaora’s friend, Adaeze is a very beautiful light-skinned teenage girl.

Just like Adaora, Adaeze also came from a poor family but notwithstanding her family background, she is so arrogant and rude. One may choose a bomb explosion attack rather than experience an insult from Adaeze.

Let’s take a little break please!

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Let’s continue with the funny story about humility!

A day came when both friends decided to go for their weekly choir activities. While on their way to the Church. They met a barrow pusher who was walking so fast to pass them.

The barrow pusher mistakenly matches Adaora with his dirty barrow and gets her clothes soaked with dirty water on the street.

Sorry, dear, it’s a mistake. Please forgive me, the barrow pusher said to Adaora.

Adaeze took over words from the barrow pusher, she replied……

Hold your sorry to yourself, you stinking good-for-nothing man. Your mates are in the city making money and you’re here looking for trouble with your barrow, useless fool. You are even lucky because you’ve done nothing wrong to me. I would have broken your head with my high-heeled shoe and you won’t live to tell the story.

Adaora has no choice but to interrupt her friend to calm the situation.

It is okay, Adaeze. I have already forgiven him because I know that it’s a mistake and no one is above making a mistake. Adaora said to both her friend, Adaeze, and the barrow pusher.

What if it is not a mistake? Adaeze asked.

Then, I have also forgiven him from my heart, Adaora replied.

The man was seen standing and looking so confused.

Let’s go home and change my dress so we start going back to the church. Adaora told Adaeze.

Adaora went to help the barrow pusher to get his barrow out of the dirty water and her friend didn’t find it funny.

She angrily started insulting and advising her friend to drop the wheelbarrow. 

It was at this point that the barrow pusher brought out his phone to make a call. 

He just called his friend to come along with his car. 

Unknown to the two friends, the man’s barrow-pushing work was fake. 

He came back from the city to search for a wife to marry in the village. She saw the two friends dressed like church girls and he decided to fake life as a barrow pusher.

The young man earlier told his friend about his interest in Adaeze, the fair-skinned girl.

Adaora was carrying the barrow as the three were walking back together, a man drove and parked a Highlander Toyota Jeep beside them. He came down and collected the barrow from Adaora while handing over the car key to his friend.

What is going on here? Adaora asked the man.

As you can see, this is my friend and this is one of my cars, The man replied and continued…..

I pretended to be a barrow pusher which I am not.

Adaeze was shocked and speechless.

The man asked them to enter the car for him to drop them home and back to the Church.

It was in Adaora’s house that the man decided to open up to her father about who he was.

He is the only son of Egoamaka, the richest man in their village. He also made his marriage intentions known to Adaora’s father.

What do you mean young man? Do you mean you want to marry my daughter, Adaora?

Adaora’s father asked.

Yes, I want to marry your daughter. The man replied.

Start saying farewell to poverty, Adapra’s mother told her daughter while jumping out from her hiding place.

That is one of the general characteristics of women. Not until good news is revealed, they will continue to hide their presence.

That was how humility changed Adaora’s life and that of her entire family.

As for Adaeze, this is just the beginning of her pains and regrets for always being so arrogant and insulting to people.

Even though her friend, Adaora keeps extending a helping hand to Adaeze. She continues to regret how she carelessly missed her would-have-being lifetime favor.

The two newly wedded couples started making their traveling arrangements one week after their wedding.

Adaora decided to inform her childhood friend about her upcoming trip.

She invited Adaeze to their house and she came without wasting a single time.

Oh my God! You are already here? Adaora asked her childhood friend.

Yes, Adaeze replied.

And why are you sweating this way? Adaora’s husband questioned.

As soon as I received your wife’s call, I started running from my house to yours.

Adaeze replied.

But I never informed you about my call being urgent for you to run and sweat this way. Adaora told her friend.

I know Adaora, but I decided to appear as fast as I could.

Okay, I called to inform you that I will be traveling to the United States of America in two days.

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Story Continued!

Did I hear you say the United States of America, Adaeze wanted to be sure.

Yes, her friend replied.

Please, let me travel with you Adaora, she told her married friend.

How could the thought of traveling with a newly wedded couple come to your mind? 

We are going to spend one year of our honeymoon in the USA. Adaora’s husband told Adaeze.

I understand, Sir, Adaeze replied and continued…..

But I’m ready to follow you as a cleaner, cook, housemaid, and even as your barrow pusher in all humility.

Adaeze said and started to cry like a baby.

I now understand why Adaora always advises me to be humble and kind when relating with people.

Adaora held her friend’s hands and comforted her and made a promise to travel with her.

Not just as a maid, nor a cleaner, not as a cook but as a friend she was and will always be.

The end of the story!

Adaeze became forcefully humbled by the experience she had with her friend’s marriage story. A position she would have taken if she had been humble and kind enough during her encounter with her friend’s husband.

What have you learned so far from the short funny story about humility? (story of Adaora and Adaeze)

Humility can take you to where your effort cannot take you to, please be humble and kind when dealing with people regardless of who they are in the society.


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