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I received this blog story from a member who chose to remain anonymous.

Thank you anonymous, for sharing your story.

Still, follow me as we open the full story. This is a must-read taboo sex story that will make you cry and at the same time give you a moral lesson to either learn from or teach someone else out there.

Okay, let’s get started with the first taboo sex story. But before getting started, …

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Taboo Sex Stories.

The Story

Summarizing what the anonymous sharer shared with us, ……

Mirabel was born into a very poor family. She was the first child and she had six blood siblings. Her parents were farmers and they found it difficult to cater for themselves and their seven children.

Every one of them in the family continued to suffer and it was their suffering that instigated Mirabel’s parents with the thought of taking Mirabel out to live with one of her paternal rich uncles.

The idea was for her to still get the best education because of how intelligent Mirabel was. She was not only the most intelligent in the family but also the most beautiful child of her parents.

The deed was completed and Mirabel now lives with one of her paternal uncles.

While living there, she was happy with everything happening in the house but seriously hated her cousin’s brother’s sexual advances on her.

Mirabel maintained her stand and disagreed to fall for Patrick, her cousin’s brother, without knowing that he had planned a different thing with his three friends against Mirabel.

One Saturday morning, Mirabel was busy doing her house chores so that she would have some spare time to study with her school friend, Zara.

She just finished her duty and was about to start going to Zara’s house when three of Patrick’s male friends entered the house. 

They stopped her on her way and started asking her where she was going. 

She told them about her intentions to go to her friend’s house, Zara, for collective study.

She was still saying something before one of Patrick’s friends grabbed her from the back and forcefully started kissing her.

Mirabel started dragging herself out from him while the other two friends joined them. 

At one point, they overpowered Mirabel and took her to the backyard.

They forcefully got her undressed and started sleeping with her one after the other.

Mirabel was overheard shouting and calling Patrick for help when someone entered the crime scene wearing a face mask. 

As he entered, all of them gave way for the strange guy to also have a test of Mirabel.

The atmosphere captured someone shouting from behind, No Patrick…. No….. No…..

Why must you do this to your cousin’s sister?

Patrick was left in fear and never wanted the witness to go scot-free.

He ordered his boys to go after the girl and also get her along with Mirabel.

They ran after Zara and also took her to the backyard to also sleep with her.

Patrick orders them about the need to kill his cousin’s sister and her friend Zara after their evil act.

He said to his boys…..

Let’s kill both of them so they won’t expose our evil acts.

They first strangled Zara to death and were about to do the same to Mirabel when she started pleading with Patrick to have mercy and spare his cousin’s sister’s life.

He remained adamant about her pleading and even strangled his cousin’s sister by himself without knowing that there was already recorded evidence waiting against them.

Unknown to them, Zara entered and was secretly watching them from one of the backyard doors. She remained silent because she knew they would also overpower her and also sleep with her.

Luckily for Zara, she came with her mother’s smartphone. She was the only child of her parents and they made sure that her wish was always granted time. That was why she came with a phone to study with her friend, Mirabel.

It was that same phone she used to record everything that happened. The video also captured Patrick’s face when she was about to wear his facemask.

The phone was picked up by a good Samaritan and she returned it to Zara’s mother.

That was how their evil act was exposed even though they tried to keep it a top secret which made them kill the two friends and get them buried in a shallow grave.

Patrick’s secret was made open to the public three days after killing Mirabel and her friend Zara.

It was said that Zara’s strange disappearance worsened her mother’s blood pressure and she was taken to a hospital but she died the next day.

A day after Zara’s mother’s death, it was said that it was Zara’s father who summoned the courage to open his wife’s phone and search for available evidence.

That was how he got to know about what happened to his only child and her friend.

This is really a confirmed taboo! Patrick conspired with his friend to sleep with his fourteen-year-old cousin and her friend.

As if the crime was not enough for them, they killed the two friends and buried them in a shallow grave to protect their evil act.

The four friends were finally charged in court on three different counts. Sexual abuse of minors, rape, and murder.

The villagers took the taboo sex story of Patrick and his friends as the worst ever recorded in taboo sex stories.

What do you have to say about this sad taboo story of Mirabel and her friend Zara?

For me, I reject encountering any beast-like Patrick in the name of a cousin’s brother. May the souls of the innocent friends rest in the Lord. 

Lesson learned!

The world has become terribly threatening in all ramifications,  parents should learn to look into the idea of living with their children regardless of their financial capacity. Instead of taking their children out, I will advice them to give birth to the number of children they can afford to train. Also, they should utilize the children to be helping them in their business instead of taking them out and exposing them to life dangers and unforgettable life trauma.


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