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It’s no longer news hearing about the high level of real-life incest stories happening in our society today. In today’s blog post, I will be telling you an emotional fiction story about father daughter sexual stories submitted by one of my anonymous blog story sharers.

I wanted to ask, is there any condition or situation that easily justifies the act of incest between father and daughter? I mean father daughter sexual stories.

Left for me to answer, I would say that nothing justifies father-daughter sexual acts even though it seems so touching and emotional.

Anyway, kindly read this emotional story of Stephen and his daughter Linda after his wife’s demise and tell me what you think in the comment section. I will be waiting to hear from you there. Remember my question, does any reason justifies father daughter sexual stories?

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Father Daughter Sexual Stories

The Story….

Stephen is a young and vibrant man in his early forties. He got married to his wife when he was twenty-five years old. Stephen and his wife, Stella loved each other so much which made people around them start doubting the possibility of the couple to stay or live a normal life without each other. 

By the grace of God, Stephen and Stella’s marriage was blessed with three children, a girl, and two boys before the unfortunate incident that engulfed them.

An evening came when Stella started having sharp but continuous and uncontrollable pain all over her body.

She was quickly taken to the hospital by her husband. It was in the hospital that Stella was diagnosed with cancer of the blood also called leukemia. She was then admitted to the hospital and placed on chemotherapy treatment by the doctor. Stella continued the rest of her days in the hospital until the day she finally succumbed to the ailment.

Stella reads the handwriting on the wall and thinks about the need to talk to her husband.

She called her husband, sweetheart, I have this feeling of danger around us and I want to talk to your spirit and if possible make a request of love from you. I know you love me so much, and I also love you more than you can ever imagine. But something greater than us is coming to create a distance between us. Hold on to yourself, be strong, and never give up even without me by your side. At least, you have to be strong for your children, understanding the fact that it’s better to be motherless or fatherless than to be an orphan.

Please take good care of our three children, especially Linda, our only daughter. Never allow anything to tear you and our children apart. At least, I had a daughter for you. Please, always see me in her during your lonely and trying days. We just celebrated Linda’s ninth birthday so she’s no longer a tender kid, she’s already growing up and I promise you that she can do whatever I have been doing for you. Promise me you will continue to hold the family from where we stopped. Stella demanded from her husband.

I promise you my love but….. but….. don’t leave me. Stephen replied to his wife.

He was still trying to say other things before his wife interrupted him.

Help! Help! Help, please, I can’t breathe. Stella shouted before she gave up the ghost.

Stephen and his children cried like there was no tomorrow. The children were able to gradually recover from the trauma because their father was there for them, putting them through all difficulties and life challenges. But the trauma was so heavy for their father. He keeps going down every day by day even after many years of his wife’s demise.

His daughter also noticed the gradual health deterioration of his father and decided to boldly approach her father to find out what had been eating him up.

Linda’s words to her father reads…….

Daddy, I came to appreciate you for what you have been doing to me and my younger brothers after our Mom’s death. You are one in a million fathers. And I tell you that every reasonable daughter would sacrifice anything humanly possible to make such a father like you happy.

I knew every sacrifice you made for your children during our painful moments. Daddy, I wanted to ask you a question. Linda told her father. Go ahead and ask me Lily, her father told her. You remembered Emily, my childhood friend. Yes, I remembered her. Linda’s father replied. And do you recall that Emily’s mother died when I was 8 years old? Linda asked her father again. Yes, I do Lily, Linda’s father replied.

That’s great. Emily’s father quickly married another wife six months after Emily’s mother died. As if that’s not enough, he transferred Emily and her siblings from our school to a government school. You would cry if you were permitted to see how the new wife maltreated Emily and his siblings and their father doesn’t care about it.

You’re truly one in a million and I want to assure you that I will one day wipe away your tears.

Thank you so much Lily for your understanding and appreciation. Her father told her before Linda’s interruption.

One more thing Daddy, Linda said to his father. I’m listening, Lily,  Stephen replied to his daughter.

I’m bothered about you. I’m bothered because you keep going down every day by day. People will always predict the absence of your wife by your looks. It’s bothering me so much, Daddy. I want the best for you Daddy and I don’t want to lose you in the cold hands of death. Tell me your problem and I will help you to get it resolved. I don’t care what it may cost me to make you happy. Remember the last word of my Mom to you. Do you remember? Linda asked her father.

Yes, I do, Stephen replied to his daughter.

Remind me please, Linda said to his father. Your Mom asked me to always see her in you. Stephen replied.

Greatly answered! See my mom in me and never see me as the little Linda you had known. Remember, I will be celebrating my fifteenth birthday in the coming month. So the Lily you know is no longer a kid.

Now tell me what has been eating you up, Daddy.

Stephen was so confused about her daughter’s strange actions. Many things keep popping into his mind.

What is it that Linda wanted from me?

It seems she’s already corrupt and possibly abused by her teacher in school.

Does she want to help me sexually as her mother would?

Why is it that she always reminds me of her mother’s last words about seeing her in Lily?

But that was what boosted his morale to open up his pains to her daughter.

Stephen’s words to her daughter reads……

It’s never easy for me, my daughter but I’m determined to give you and your brothers the best life, ignoring whatever pain it may inflict on me. It’s never easy for a full-grown man to stay for six years without………..

He was still finding it difficult to complete what he had in mind before his daughter interrupted him.

Don’t worry Daddy, I perfectly understand you, Linda intervened to complete what his father wanted to say.

She boldly approached her father and started wiping away his tears with her lips. She looked straight at her father and said to him, I’m here to rekindle the lost life in you. I’m here to continue from where my mom stopped. I’m ready to give you unforgettable memories. In fact, I’m prepared to make you feel the same way you felt on the day my mom took in for me. I can’t continue to bear your pains and the consistent health decomposition. Linda picked up the portable CD from her Daddy’s table. She switched it on and increased the volume of the melody she loved so much. She then turned to her Daddy and offered him a kiss in appreciation of the pain he had been through all the while. The kiss multiplied into a continuous kisses that works with exploded emotions. 

She quickly gets herself undressed as she slowly dances to the ongoing melody. I think you are too young to learn this way of life, Stephen told his daughter Lily. No, I’m not Daddy. I only wanted to see you happy and blooming as it had been when my Mom was alive. Linda replied to his father and continued to say….

Forget about being young Daddy, I just want you to see your wife in me as she requested from you in her sick bed. At this point, Stephen has been weakened to zero percent as a man. He started reciprocating the kisses and from there, other greater moments came and made history in a matter of hours.

Coming to Linda, Though Linda was going through the pains of doing it for the first time, she was happy about the sacrifice she took to put a smile on her daddy’s face.

His father on the other hand was feeling guilty of betrayal. He said to her daughter, I had believed the fact that you are no longer a virgin. I never knew you were one, Forgive me for taking your pride away. Don’t worry Dad, you never took it away from me, I was the one that made a willing offer to you, and will continue to offer until you are fully satisfied with it. She replied to his father.

The dirty love and intimacy between Stephen and her daughter was strengthened till infinity as they never had sex and stopped, instead, they continued and made it part of their lifestyle till this happened…….

Do you want to know what happens next in Linda’s story, titled, father daughter sexual stories as it was shared by the story shares?

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Thank you for your reading time on the blog story, “father daughter sexual stories”

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