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Hi, welcome to my storytelling blog, it’s still me chiamago the storyteller (Amagojessy) Let’s write about real mother son incest stories today.

The real mother son incest story was shared by a blog reader and she chose to remain anonymous even though she suggested I use a fake name to customize the story. She confessed, that the real-life mother son incest story that you are about to read happened between her and her only son.

She advises that it is always reasonable to be watchful when love between two related people tends to cross boundaries.

Read today’s blog post that talks about real mother son incest stories and tell me what you think about it using the comment table.

I felt like asking a question, is there any condition or situation that easily justifies the act of incest between mother and son?

Left for me to answer, I would say that nothing justifies mother son incest irrespective of how the story appears.

Anyway, kindly read the story of Janet and her son, Kelly, and tell me what you think in the comment section. I will be waiting to hear from you there.

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Real Mother Son Incest Stories

The Story.
Janet had a son called Kelly who took after his mother in beauty and color but has the character of his father. Being the only child, Kelly was loved and pampered by both parents but his Mom extended it to another dimension.  She started being jealous of Kelly to the extent that Kelly’s classmates noticed the excessive love going on between Kelly and his Mother.

It continued until she stopped Kelly from going around with his female friends. 

Janet’s husband, Paul had been warning his wife about her overprotective attitude towards their son but she continued.

Paul traveled to Dubai for a three-month business trip and this happened…..

It happened that Kelly’s female course mate visited him one afternoon in his family’s apartment. It had been a far distant journey. Kelly was happy to see Jenny. So a surprise hug was offered to Jenny by Kelly in front of his Mom which later got Kelly’s Mom angry and she overreacted in return for his son’s action.

She slapped Jenny and threw her out of the compound without remorse.

Kelly was so annoyed about her mother’s reaction and wanted to be left alone for the rest of the day.

His mother noticed Kelly’s seriousness and wanted to make him happy at all costs. It was on the quest for what to do to get back her son’s happiness that she decided to prepare his favorite food.

After getting the food ready, she summoned her son, Kelly to come over to the dining.

Kelly was surprised to see his favorite food already waiting for him on the dining table.

He manages to forget his sad moment and fake a smile to move on. He sat down on the dining chair, and started enjoying his best food.

How is the food? Kelly’s mother asked him.

It tastes so delicious, Kelly replied to his mother.

So you are enjoying it? Kelly’s mother asked Kelly. 

Yes, Mom, the young boy replied.

That’s great! My mission is to always see through your happiness. Forget about what happened, I love you so much and I wouldn’t want you to experience heartbreak from all these untrusted girls out there. Kelly’s mother told Kelly again.

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Let’s get back to our blog story. (mother son incest story)

Do you now understand the reason for my action? She asked her son.

Partially but no problem, Kelly replied.

Janet’s overprotective attitude toward her son, Kelly continued until it led them to sex, not just sex but continuous one which later made this happen……

The story sharer also made us know their feelings after the mom son incest action.

She said, I never feel happy, still I can’t let go of the abnormal act. Likewise my son. We were all left with guilt and regret each time we remembered the secret we had together.

The anonymous story sharer left a piece of good advice for people who will be reading her true mother son incest stories.

She said, never try to get started with mother son incest because you and your son will be left in a lifetime of guilt, yet you can’t easily stop the act after the first action. Stay away, please. It is not a healthy relationship.

Shout out and thank you for sharing your story and advice with readers here. We appreciate everything about your shared story, especially how you accepted and condemned the evil sexual act.

Over to you readers, who is to blame in the real mother son incest story about Kelly and her mother, Janet?  Kelly or his mother, or both of them?

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Is there anything that justifies real mother son incest stories?

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Let us share our thoughts together in the comment section.

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