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Hi, welcome to my story-writing blog. In today’s blog post, we will be sharing stories about real incest stories.

There are many reasons why people choose to share their life stories with others, whether online or offline.

We have received mail from one of our blog fans, Lamia.

She shared her story to enlighten parents about the necessary way of training children without having to put them in an unsafe environment.

She shared her story about how she became a victim of real-life incest stories during her childhood days.

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Real Incest Stories

Lamia Wrote;

******************   ******************

I was once a victim of incest during my growing-up days.

I happened to be the last born in the house and my mother always left me under the care of my elder brother during those times.

My brother ( name withheld ) started this habit of masturbating my private part when bathing me. I was seven then and I never knew anything about sex. He continued until the day he sexually forced himself on me. He went as far as lying to me that I would die if I should open my mouth to tell anybody about what he had been doing and what just happened. As he continues to do this repeatedly, I continue to live in fear of my brother’s lies without getting our parents to know about his evil acts. I’m currently married with four children and my brother and I had been in enmity ever since I grew up to understand his wicked and selfish act over me as his kid sister. Both parents tried to settle our differences without success because they never knew what I went through in his hands.

It’s a memory I never want to be reminded of but I chose to write about it so that you, reading this story will be more careful about how you take care of your kids. Do not expose them to such unsafe practices in the name of their blood brothers, especially the girls. Sometimes, I extended the bitterness I had for my elder brother to my parents because I believed that they were the ones who created such destructive loopholes for me.

Ever since I got married and had my children, I have been seriously taking direct care of my children, especially the girls among them. My husband will always tell me, sweetheart, you are stressing yourself so much. Why not get a housekeeper to help you with the children? My reply to him will always be, thank you darling, but I want to be doing it by myself, for reasons best known to me. 

My husband continues to worry about why I have decided not to have a house help.

He told me during one of his disturbing days, he said.

If you’re so jealous of me and never wanted to get a girl as a housemaid, why not employ a houseboy to help you with the house chores?

Thank you, darling, but I don’t need any of the two. 

Since I have seen the possibility of incest happening between blood siblings how much more about people living together without a blood connection

Be warned, parents! 

Thank you.

Thank you so much, Lamia, for sharing your story with us. Though not easy, you choose to share your story to enlighten parents on the dangers of creating loopholes for their children in the name of an elder brother or housekeeper.

Thank you once again, Lamia.

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