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Family Sexual Stories

The Story!

Sandra was thirteen years old when she went to live with her father’s half-brother after the death of her parents two months apart.

They had a ghastly motor accident on their way home after attending the wedding ceremony of a business partner.

Her Mom died instantly while her Dad joined her mother two months after her death.

Life becomes something she cannot describe for her and her younger sister, Jane.

They were taken to Lagos to stay with one of their uncle’s family after the burial of their parents.

While in Lagos, they encountered much sexual abuse from their cousin brothers.

David, one of their cousin’s brothers, has this habit of either sending Sandra or her sister out in order to satisfy his sexual urges.

He would say to her little sister, Jane. “Go to our neighbor’s house and never come back until I send for you”.

He will then call Sandra to come and help him copy his note in his room. Sandra said she went to help him without having anything negative inside her on the first day.  He started his sexual advances and slapped the hell out of her when she tried to resist him.

He forcefully had his way and left Sandra disvirgined at thirteen years of age. This happened the same year she lost her parents which is also the same year she came to Lagos to live with her Uncle.

David also told Sandra that he belonged to a secret cult in school and that she shouldn’t let anyone know about what just happened, he said to her,  “Do not tell anyone about it or die instantly after doing so”.

He also brought to her notice about his feelings for her and his intentions to continually have sex with her.

Sandra said….

“I cried so much that day and it made me remember my late parents”.

She confirmed that their parents had been there for them and always protected them from every occasion that may tend to initiate sexual abuse on Sandra and her kid sister, Jane.

She also remembered how their Mom always advised them to remain a virgin until they got married.

Sandra thought about running away from the house so that she would be free from David’s sexual abuse.

She finally ran away to an unknown destination but she wasn’t comfortable after she remembered her younger sister, Jane.

She said….

Jane’s safety is important to me and I doubt the possibility of her being safe while staying on the same roof with David.

Sandra decided to go back to her Uncle’s house to pick up Jane along with her.

She has to target the best time to achieve her new plan which made her conclude on getting it accomplished on Sunday afternoon.

She went on Sunday and heard her sister shouting from inside David’s room. 

Her little sister’s scream made her jump the fence to defend Jane having suspected the same case of sexual abuse.

She caught them in the act and hit David with the stick she found on the ground.

The same stick that was used by David to overpower Jane and have his way with Jane.

Both sisters ran away as David wanted to backfire but fell on the floor as he mistakenly hit his head on the wall.

After they ran away from David’s house, Sandra and Jane were stranded about where they would stay or how to get back to their village from Lagos.

The sexual abuse experienced they earlier had made them turn off most offers of help that came their way.

“Let’s go with the husband and wife, at least they are old enough to even be our grandparents”.

Sandra told Jane. Okay, sister.

Jane replied.

Both Sandra and Jane followed the man and his wife to their house after narrating how they came to Lagos after the death of their parents, but without revealing anything about the family sexual stories of abuse they had while living in their Uncle’s house.

Their Uncle located them after their two-week absence and wanted to take them home.

He explained about missing them in the house and also alerted them about David’s unplanned travel to the United States of America.

It was as if he knew what went wrong between his son, David, and the two sisters.

You mean Brother David has traveled to the USA? Sandra asked her uncle.

Yes, he has traveled to the United States to complete a three-year course, Sandra’s uncle said again.

Better, we are happy about the new development and we are prepared to return to the house with you uncle.

Have you called him to verify that he is now in the USA?

Jane asked her uncle to be sure about the information. Yes, Jane. Their uncle replied.

Finally, Sandra and Jane followed their uncle back to the house.

Watch out for the second episode as the family sexual stories of Sandra’s abuse continued.

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