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Our today’s  story was sent from one of my story readers by the name of Daniella. Thank you so much, Daniella.

You can read the summary of what Daniella wrote in the email she sent to me.

Virgin Sex Story

The Story…..

I was born and brought up in a Christian family. My mom is an evangelist and my dad is a pastor.

I’m the fifth born in a family of five children and I happen to be the only female child.

I learned a lot of things from my parents, especially the moral aspect of life.

My mom taught me much about chastity and purity as a growing female child and I grew up to find myself living as I was taught by my mom.

I didn’t keep male friends during my school days and I still find it difficult to talk and relate with a man even after I’m done with my master’s degree in one of the American universities.

It was my mom who called me to order as she noticed how I still find it difficult to relate with a man even after graduating from school and securing a well-paid job.

She said to me…..

Daniella, you are not getting any younger at twenty-six and you need a man beside you as a husband to live a fulfilled life.

I knew I was the one who taught you about chastity and purity as a girl but you should remember I your mother married your father to give birth to you and your brothers which is also not a sin in the sight of God.

It is time you allow a man into your life. Getting married as a virgin is something you will never regret as a woman.

Or do you already have someone in your life? My mom asked.

“No Mom” was my reply.

Do you know Jerry, the son of barrister Paul? My mom asked me.

Yes, I knew him. He has been disturbing me for a relationship which I refuted.

Why did you choose to reject his offer of friendship? didn’t you love him? My mom asked again.

To tell you the truth Mom, he is the only man I loved among thousands of them. I only refuted his idea because I don’t want an illicit relationship.

That’s my daughter talking, I was interrupted by my mom and she continued…..

Then, go ahead and say yes to him because his plan was more than a man-woman illicit relationship. He came two weeks ago and told us about his marriage intentions with you.

It was as if Jerry planned everything with Mom because we were still discussing when Jerry and his family members came knocking on the door.

Behold, everything regarding my marriage with Jerry was concluded and the marriage celebration days were scheduled.

The slated ceremonial day for the white wedding came and it was done and dusted.

The wedding night activities loading…..

You should understand better than I do.

Take a breath to refresh about what you are going to read now, “virgin sex stories”

Okay, let’s kick the engine!

**************** ******************

Every celebrant is gone including my Dad and my Mom.

I was left alone in a room with Jerry.

I was so weak and wanted to sleep as soon as possible but Jerry wouldn’t let me be.

He started his love advances and wanted to explore sex to another dimension.

He was wearing a short and white shiny singlet while I wore my pink nightwear to bed.

He was already touching and kissing me without getting a response from me.

Why are you not reacting to my gesture of love? Remember that this is our wedding night. Jerry asked and said at a time.

I wanted to reply to his question before I got a phone call from my mom.

I picked up my mom’s call only for her to remind me about a must-do wedding night activity. It seems she already knew my fear.

She reminded me about the wedding night marital consummation rule and that I shouldn’t refuse it for any reason.

My mom’s call made me withhold my would-have-been response to Jerry’s question and the reverse became my reply.

My mom’s call removed the fear I had for sex and instigated the love I had for Jerry into several practical actions.

Before I could know what was going on, I was already naked with Jerry. His kisses were so intense and full of irresistible action and passion.

His look was lovely and I found myself kissing him again and again.

I knew that my kisses increased Jerry’s morale and he quickly changed his romantic mood to that of a man on duty.

You know better. His every attempt to penetrate inside me was more than a pain to me but I have no other option than to learn the other side of life. I mean married life.

Every painful attempt to get me disvirgined attracted more of his promises of love and respect for my presenting to our wedding night as a virgin.

Now tell me how painful my penetration was. Jerry asked.

It was too painful but I enjoyed it, more so my mom told me that the pain would stop with time. I replied Jerry.

Yes, it is going to stop as we do it continuously and you will enjoy the sweetness of sex in full.

I feel your pain and would love to allow you to rest for some time, what do you think, my love?

Jerry asked.

Continue without stopping until we both become satisfied with the sexual urge of marriage consummation.

I said to Jerry in a low lovely tone that portrays intimacy and expectations.

Of course, I knew he least expected such an answer from me at that moment.

My reply was what lifted Jerry’s morale to complete what he started and the rest of what I had to explain about my part of the virgin sex stories became history.

Finally, I lost my virginity to my husband, Jerry on our wedding night.

Guess what?

I’m glad I did.

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Lesson Learned

The moral lesson learned in Danniella’s story encourages ladies the need to maintain a chaste life and the joy in marrying as a virgin and the need to keep to one man even after their marriage.

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